Oh man. It’s 2019. I’ve been in the blog world for about 5 years. What even is?

So on that note, lots of things have changed. I’m still Jenalyn, and still Velasha online (sometimes with an extra a) and I just turned 29. I recently moved back to Terre Haute, Indiana with my cat, Mulder. He’s a little slow, bless his heart.

I can be found primarily on instagram and sometimes on my silly facebook page that I don’t update like I ought to.

My IG account started primarily as a makeup account, but I lost the energy to do eye looks each day, so I started posting about nail polish, which has always been my favorite hobby. My hoard collection really took off in 2010 and eight years later, we’re showing no signs of stopping. Send help. No. Really. My nail polish literally took up half of a rental moving truck. What. The. Shit.

I’m a little odd, and kinda quiet until you get to know me, but once you get me laughing, you can bet I’m going to snort and laugh even harder, but in a silent wheezy way. It’s fun. No shame, y’all. No shame. You’ll find that I say y’all a. lot.  I’m about 94% not sorry. I grew up in Colorado near farms and I lived in Georgia for about 9 years. I’ve got a bit of twang, and it shows in my writing (and I love it, no lie). God forbid you hear me once I’m upset. I become a tiny ball of profane rage twang. It’s glorious. Subtitles may or may not be needed.

I internet. Hard. I don’t people very well, and I work from home, so the internet is my sanctuary. Video games keep me sane and it’s my socialization. I mostly play World of Warcraft with a little Fortnite on the side.

There. Now you’ve seen me and my cat with his [empty] balls out. Aren’t we just precious?

And that about sums it up! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, it means a ton!

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