Mornin’ y’all! It has been yet another hot minute since I’ve been here, but I’m pretty sure it’s only been about a month. That’s definitely progress.

I’ve got The Lazarus Effect playing in the background (yes, horror at 8am, hush you) and I’m dreading clocking in, so now is the perfect time for a quick and dirty review.

Hella Handmade Creations (formerly Hella Holo Customs) features a slew of amazing indie artists each month. The cool part? Those makers pick their own theme and create polishes within that theme for a few months. There have been some incredibly beautiful shades created. I very much so recommend checking HHC out while the preorder is open from February 14th to the 21st.

Lollipop Posse Lacquer‘s theme centers around Neil Gaiman and y’all. The shade Karen made for this month is out of this damn world. Their Own Destruction is inspired by Destruction from NG’s Endless.

Our beloved LPL maker describes this polish as “a red to gold multi-chrome¬†filled with two color-ways of shifting iridescent flakes, holographic micro-flakes, and a smattering of linear holographic pigment.”

Holy shitballs, folks. She killed it. This polish is absolutely amazing. The shift in it… you’re gonna need a cold shower. My photos show two coats plus top coat.

I MEAN. Y’ALL. HNNNNNG. Ain’t it delicious?

You can preorder Their Own Destruction here and it is a capped preorder (125 bottles) , so y’all may wanna get in on that.

And now, it is time for work. Thanks for stopping by, loves!

Have fun, make good choices, take your meds, and drink your water. <3

***The product mentioned in this post was sent to me in exchange for a review and photos, which can be found above.***

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