Hihi! I hope y’all are all having an easy week so far! And if not, shit, at least we’re almost at Friday, right? Scott and I have had busy days, which has been lovely, but it makes the time go by too quickly when I want to pester him all day and all night with inane questions and general mushiness. Y’know?!

Now, I know none of y’all care to hear about that, so let’s move onto the real reason we’re here: the June Talk Indie to Me box! Now, if you’re new to the TItM box, here’s a little more info:

Talk Indie to Me is your one stop box for all things indie! [It’s] a collaborative box featuring Zombie Claw & Necessary Evil with guest makers ranging from nail polish to handcrafted bath & body products.

For June, the theme is Aladdin and Static Lacquer is the maker. Dude. All three polishes are gorgeous.

Necessary Evil Polish – Genie in a Bottle; a beautiful blue base with aurora shimmer, gold flake, gold micro flake and scattered holo. This polish, holy shit. It’s incredible. It goes on in one coat (it’s a touch thick – not problematically so – so use a light hand) and settles perfectly by itself. I still can’t get over those gold sparks. So. Effing. Good. My photos show one coat plus top coat.

Static Lacquer – Gimme Some Tassle; inspired by the carpet, a red purple with a green to purple shift, holo flakies, ucc flakies, and a splash of gold sparks. So for me, and my blind ass, I saw more of a blue flash than the green to purple shift, but I absolutely love it. The flakies are the perfect accent, just like the designs on the carpet in the film. My photos show two coats and TC.

Last but not least is Rub Me… Get Three Wishes; a linear holographic gold with pink-gold-green flakes. Sabrina, girl. This gold is beautiful. It fits the theme but is also going to be an amazing shade for NYE. It goes on in two coats and covers beautifully. I noticed that you can see brush strokes if you’re heavy-handed, but they smoothed out just fine for me. My photos show two coats plus top coat.

What do y’all think? I never cared for Aladdin as a kid (I KNOW – GASP!), but these three polishes have the most perfect timing with the new movie in the theatre!

You can preorder the box now for $30 until 6/8/19 through this link. Be sure to check out the Facebook group, too!

And now, it’s nap time because I am legit exhausted. Thanks for stopping by!

So, have fun, make good choices, take your meds, and drink your water. <3

***The products mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for a review and photos, which can be found above.***

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