Ho. Lee. Fuck. Y’all. I’m alive. Currently, only barely alive, but we’re alllll good. It’s currently 1am (aka my personal blogging/witching hour) and I’m sitting here with my husband while Black Sabbath plays in the background. Yes, H U S B A N D. We’ll do a life update post at some point because homg, so much has changed.

Before that, though, I’ve got a duo from Connie of Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer that’s coming out just in time for Father’s Day.

Every year I let my 2 young ones design polishes at this time of year. They pick the ingredients and I do the mixing. The sales of these polishes go towards the purchase of their dads Father’s Day present. This year they have designed a duo. And I think everyone is going to love them!

Cute af, right? Right!

First up is My Father, My Hero, which is a purple base with gold to green to purple to red shifting pigment and blue to purple to red shifting large particle shimmer.

It’s a delicious polish, really. It’s got a glow to it that my camera couldn’t quite capture, but it’s there, trust me. It’s so there. The formula is fantastic, which is the norm for 77NL, so my photos show two coats plus top coat.


The other half of this duo is a blue beauty by the name of He’s Got a Dad Attitude. It’s described as an ultramarine blue base with blue to purple to red shifting pigment and blue to purple to red shifting iridescent flakies.

I’m absolutely living for blues this year, and I ain’t even mad. Go ahead and google “ultramarine blue” – I’ll wait. It’s gorgeous, right? This polish captures that shade perfectly and those flakies sing on the nail. Photos show three coats plus top coat (and three were only needed because of my dark VNL).

They’re lovely, right? These two beauties are available for preorder from now until June 9th. Shipping will start on or around the 17th. It’s $24 for the duo, or $12.50 for the polishes individually, plus shipping.

There’s several ways to check out the awesomeness that is 77NL! seventysevennaillacquer.com.

And now, it’s bed time. I’m finally sleepy and I think the husband is, too. I’ll be back with more posts, I promise!

So, have fun, make good choices, take your meds, and drink your water. <3

***The products mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for a review and photos, which can be found above.***

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