Hihi y’all! It’s officially December, aka the first of Christmas and it’s raining warm rain AND I work in 40 minutes. This is clearly some form of Hell. Before work starts, though, I’ve got a fun collection to share that’s perfect for today: the Xmas Vaca Collection.

Mary over at MTK Design spoke about doing this collection last year, and I’m excited to see it all poured up in tiny glass bottles. She drew inspiration from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and it’s stunning beyond all reason.

So, let’s jump on in!


Our Family’s First Kidnapping ($11.50) is a deep, dark Christmas red that’s packed to the brim with a ton of tiny red holo glitters. Because of this, it does dry with texture, so make sure you use a good, thick top coat for maximum shine and smoothness. My photos show two coats plus two of top coat (second was purely because tactile sensory issues, as y’all may remember I deal with.)

All boring info aside. Can we take a moment to address the [red] elephant in the room? Because hol[l]y effin shitballs. This red, y’all. It’s sexy. It’s divine. It’s the kinda red that I’m sure Santa gets for Mrs. Claus each year because he just LOVES seeing it on her.

SQUIRREL! ($11.50) is a super sparkly warm gold with gold iridescent mini flakies, gold holo glitter, gold shimmer, and a strong pink flash. It’s a deliciously warm and holiday-tastic gold, and what sets it apart is that strong flash of pink that will make your nail the talk of the office holiday party in which everyone is entirely too drunk and oversharing. YAY. Anywho. Photos show two coats and top coat.

I also absolutely love the name because I have an insanely short attention sp-OH A SHINY.


The Griswold Family Christmas Tree ($12.50) is a stunning thermal that goes from a bright forest balsam green (warm) to a charred blackened evergreen (cool) with linear holo and green glitters. The word balsam makes me happy. You know why? It’s an amazing scent, and apparently an amazing shade for a holiday polish. This polish transitions flawlessly, and both the warm and cool state are stunning. lovelovelove. This one has some of those textured glitters again, so make sure you use that t h i c c top coat. Or something. My photos show two coats of polish followed by two of TC.

These polishes are available now as a trio for $30 here, or individually (minis or full size, your choice!) for $11.50-12.50. Gorgeous, yeah?

While you’re visiting her shop, be sure to check out her other creations!

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So whatcha think? Any favorites you see among the trio?

Ahhhhhh and now it’s time to do the work thing. I’ll be back! Thanks for stopping by loves!


***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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  1. I just finished watching this movie lmao! It’s my husband and my favorite Christmas move. Our Family’s First Kidnapping is the perfect shade. Gorgeous!

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