Good morning, my little nerdlings! I know things have been incredibly quiet here, and for that, I am sorry. Three months for a blog post is FAR too long. But here we are! Since my last post, quite a few things have changed: we moved, we now have a little kitten (who makes me want to eat my feelings), and a ton of little things that I haven’t had enough sleep to recall properly, so.

Mulder, the kitten, has a knack of waking me up at 6 in the morning, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get a post up before I decide to attempt more sleep. Here’s a photo of the little lovable shitbag that has stolen my heart:

Side note – he’s also only 19 weeks old. How is that even possible? (!!!)

Right. So. First post back? How about some Halloween goodness?!

Necessary Evil Polish teamed up with three other makers for the Halloween Cursed Box, and it’s up for preorder from until October 4th. The best part, you can snag the whole box with free shipping OR you can grab the polishes individually. Legit kickass.

When the Moon is Full | Necessary Evil Polish ($11); this polish is inspired by the curse of the werewolf during the full moon. This color is a black base with a redish to goldish to green shimmer with immense amount of bronze and vibrant green UCC flakies and a dash of holo.

Tamara knocked it out of the park with this shade. It’s inky and creepy but that shimmer breathes so much life into that base. Holy efffffff. I’m dead, y’all. D-E-D. My photos show 2 coats plus top coat.

Curse of the Ouija Board | Quixotic Polish ($11); Curse of the Ouija board is a vibrant red-violet base with purple to orange shifting shimmer accented with teal/blue/ purple flakes and a delicate holo finish.

Uhm. Hi. Hello. You’re going to want to mentally prepare yourself for this one. Go ahead and get that cold shower going. You’re going to need it, I promise. This polish is seduction in a bottle and glows from within. It also goes on in one single coat. Hot damn. Photos show 1 coat plus TC.

May Your Sock Be Ever Twisted | LynBDesigns ($11); It is a green to milky pale green thermal base with red to copper to yellow to green UCC flakies, and purple shimmer.

Jenna absolutely killed it with this thermal. I am absolutely living for the minty base with the flakies and that shimmer. It’s just, holy wow. I’d also like to say that the thermal portion of it is super strong, but I keep the house cool enough that the transition was hard to show on camera. My photos show three coats plus top coat.

Monkey’s Paw | Chirality Polish ($11); a cedar brown polish with gold shimmer, accents of holographic gold pops, and rust to gold color shifting sparkle.

This bronzed neutral shade is absolutely perfect for fall, and also glows from within. Because of the almost metallic finish, brush strokes can show if you’re heavy-handed (like me). Alternatively, you can sponge on the final coat before your TC! My photos show two coats and top coat.

Aren’t these gorgeous? They’re available for preorder now as a box via this link for $40 plus free shipping. You can also get them individually, I’ve linked the shades up above. Which is your favorite?

And with that, I’m outtie. Mulder is in my lap purring up a storm and I’m finally sleepy. I appreciate y’all stopping by after such a long while, I’ve missed everyone greatly!



***The products mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for a review and photos, which can be found above.***

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