Guess who’s back… back again. Jena’s back.


Or something like that. I’m here, though, and that’s what matters. I’ve been absent because life is weird and jobs have changed (I may post an update about that here in the next day or two, is that something that folks like?) but I’ve still been swatchin’ my little heart out.

The theme for the June Polish Pickup is video games (HOLY GOD Y’ALL MY TIME IS NOW LET’S RISE MY NERDS) and I was lucky enough to swatch 11 game-y items. That’s what we’re here for today, so let’s jump on in!

Bluebird Lacquer | Pew! Pew! Pew! ($12); an olive to lime to rose gold multichrome with violet to scarlet micro flakies and a scattering of holo. My dear friend, Lou, has a deep love for the game Galaga, and that’s how this polish was born. It’s shifty and smooth and those flakies, oh my lord. They’re delicious! You can kinda see the rose gold shift on the bottle, but I straight suck at showing off multichromes, so it doesn’t show in my photos. I promise, it’s there. My photos show two coats plus top coat.

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer | Welcome to the Coast ($12); a bright aqua with fine copper shimmer, copper and aqua sparking shimmers, green microflakies, and bronze to green aurora shifting shimmer. For this one, Julie drew inspiration from the Costa Del Sol zone in Final Fantasy XIV. My photos show two thin coats plus top coat and the polish self-levels super well. This polish is ahhhhmazing. I wore it for quite some time because it was just so bright and happy and perfect for the hot weather we now have. It’s so glowy!

Crystal Knockout | Color Pulse ($13, capped at 275); black jelly base with holo throughout, green aurora, pink shift, purple-blue-green chameleon micro glitter, iridescent rainbow glitter, neon pink flakies, and pink-green-gold color-shifting flakes. This baby also glows in the dark something fierce! Like multichromes, I fail at GITD shots, so I do not have one for your eyeballs, I’m afraid. Splatoon 2 is what inspired this nail polish, specifically Marina & Pearl. It’s vampy and flashy as hell and I am in love. The color-shifting flakies at a ton of depth. /soon My photos show two coats and top coat.

LynBDesigns | Your Cow Plant or Mine? ($12); a creamy green base with magenta to purple to gold shifting shimmer, scattered holo micro shreds, and a ton of purple to blue to red and blue to green to gold shifting UCC flakies. Jennalyn (HI NAME TWIN) has a serious love for the Sims game franchise, and the cow plants are what inspired her to create this polish. I don’t know if it’s the lack of carbs talking, but this polish reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream and I am SO here for it. The formula is smooth and buttery and the flakies settle perfectly. My photos show two coats plus top coat.

Moonflower Polish | Hope of the Brave ($12, capped at 100); neon navy blue with red-copper-orange-gold UCC flakes, purple-green and red-pink aurora pigment, silver galaxy holo glitter, red/copper shimmer, and scattered holo. It’s also black light reactive because of that neon base. I haven’t tried it because I ain’t that fancy of a blogger (aka I don’t have a black light BUT) just trust that it does glow. Nadia is not much of a gamer, so she turned to her sister for help. Together, they chose Skyrim’s Sovngarde; “it’s a realm in the game where the souls of mighty/brave warriors that have fallen in combat go. There’s a great mead hall at the center with a never-ending feast for them all.” There’s also a deeper meaning to this polish, I very much so recommend checking out this post in the PPU facebook group. My photos of this beautiful polish show two coats and top coat. It’s hella pigmented, though, so you could totally get away with one coat! The formula was super smooth, and absolutely wonderful.

Moon Shine Mani | You Are Now Prepared! ($11); an eerie, swampy green sliding effortlessly golden at times due to the gold/green/teal multichrome pigment and gold-green shifting micro flakies within. Phoebe went with the World of Warcraft realm for her polish, and I am SO glad. Y’all know how much that game means to me, and jflskjflsijdfs SO HAPPY. Within the current expansion, there’s a an achievement that ties back to Illidan’s infamous phrase, “You Are Not Prepared!” and that’s where the name of this polish comes in. As usual, the formula is crazy wonderful and smooth and magic in a bottle. Photos show two coats and top coat.

MTK Design | Crap! The Pooping Owl! ($11.50); vampy burgundy base w/ gold sparkle, purple shimmer, some iridescent violet & bright ice blue shred or mini flakies. Hi. I love this polish. And the game that inspired it, Castle Crashers. I spent many hours playing it when it first came out years ago, and the soundtrack is killer. Waterflame is the name of the composer and he makes some of the happiest music ever. I highly recommend listening to Glorious Morning. I’ve actually used it in some of the quick videos I’ve made. IT’S SO HAPPY. Right. So. This polish. Mary has a knack for vampy colors, and this is no exception. It’s warm and inviting and that purple shimmer is yummy as hell. My photos show two coats plus top coat, but it’s nearly opaque in one.

Necessary Evil Polish | Byte My Disc ($11, capped at 120); neon purple with turquoise shimmer, lots of scattered holo, and blue metallic micro flakes. HOLY SHIT, MY DUDES. Tamara has done it. She has actually created the most perfect purple in existence. BMD was inspired by TRON, and it’s flashy and bright, much like the game. She did an amazing job with this one, y’all. It goes on super smooth, stays bright, and uggggh. Bury me with this color, kay? Photos show two coats and top coat.

Night Owl Lacquer | Creepers Gonna Creep ($9); a neon green with silver sparks and black, white, silver & lime green iridescent shreds. This also glows in black light. You guys! We have a SUPER bright neon green that does NOT need undies. This is not a drill. Lindsay did it, and ohhhhhh it’s perfect! She plays Minecraft with her hubs and tiny humans, and they all love the Creepers, so that’s where the inspo for this one came from! It’s opaque in just two coats, and those flakies go on super smoothly, with no need for extra top coat. My photos show those two coats plus top coat.

Starlight Polish | Crystal Forever ($15, capped at 350); an effect top coat in a blue tinted base with tiny silver flakes and shimmer that shifts from teal to violet, and flashes aqua and purple at the extremes of its color range.  The flakes are sterling silver, and the shimmer is a unicorn pee sibling pigment (an original UP sibling pigment, not an aurora pigment). Ohhhhh hell yes. I’m not normally one for toppers, but Issa just made my favorite one. Crystal Forever is inspired by Pokémon Crystal- specifically the sparkly blue game cartridge. It’s got a ton of pigment, so only one coat is needed for the full effect! My photos show one coat over Starlight Polish’s Obsidian, plus top coat.

Supermoon Lacquer | Azoth ($12.50); pale blue holographic base with bronze-to-green and red-to-green color shifting aurora pigment, red/bronze/copper chameleon shimmer, red-to-gold and red-to-green color shifting shimmer, red sparks, bronze and red pearl flakies, and iridescent red-to-green color shifting microglitter. Mardi does such a kickass job with blues, y’all. Azoth was based on Capcom’s Hunting Ground, and it matches the theme of the game perfectly. My bottle was a tad thicker than normal and had a few lumps BUT it was an isolated case – we think the weather may have screwed with the formula. We went from like 60 to a real feel of 108 in a week or two, so I have no doubt it wonkified Azoth. It’s super opaque and can go on in just one coat, but my photos show two coats plus top coat. I think the flakies are my absolute favorite part of the whole polish. THEY SO PURDY.

Soooooo… what do y’all think? Do you have a favorite here? What games do you play?

the June Polish Pickup opens tomorrow, June 1st at 11am EST, and will remain open until the following Monday at 11:59pm. As usual, shipping is a flat $3 for the US and a flat $5 for our neighbors North of the wall! International shipping is also available at cost. For more photos and links on what is offered, you’re going to want to check out the Polish Pickup Pack on FB.

I’ve missed you guys lots, it’s nice to be back! Thanks for stopping by!


***The products mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for a review and photos, which can be found above.***

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  1. As always (not even a joke – absolute truth) I squealed while reading these; no not just my own! You are really making it hard to pick this month. Thank you for taking such fantastic (isn’t she fantastic!) pics. man, I said I wasn’t gonna cry. those are so pretty. bye, now.


  2. Supermoon and Moonflower are both on my list. I hope I can get online when PPU opens to get them. I’m tempted to change my hair appointment so I don’t miss out!

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