Hiya lovebugs! I hope you’ve all been doing well! I took a bit of time to relax after the madness that was being the PPU blogger last month, and it was super nice. We got a new car (ONE THAT I CAN DRIVE, HALLELOO), we had four inches of snow in 20 degrees yesterday and today it’s nearly 70 with actual flooding. It’s fantastic. I’m not going to complain, though. We wound up leaving work early so I’m here with a quick post before I try and nap.

The April Polish Pickup opens at the end of this week, and the theme is SPACE! I am so so so stoked for it – I’ve been fascinated with all things sky and space and galaxy since I was a tiny tot. Seeing all of the creations… y’all. I’m totally in love.

For my first post this month, I’ve got two fantastical offerings from Lou over at Bluebird Lacquer to share: an awesome thermal polish and a bath bomb.  Her sense of humor is very apparent in both items, and it’s something that I love about her. Ready to see ’em?

Space Madness ($12); a silver holo to aqua thermal with a martian green shimmer and pink and blue micro sparkles. Lou drew her inspo from the cartoon Ren & Stimpy (which my mom never let me watch, but I did anyway – shhhhhh!) of the same name. The polish does dry down with a tiny bit of texture, but one coat of TC smooths it all out. It’s also SUPER opaque in just one coat, and ugh. Just so perfect. I had a hard time capturing the thermal shift on photo, but I promise, it’s super visible in person.

UFO Shaped Bath Bomb ($5); “this bath bomb comes in a vintage UFO or spaceship shape inspired by the classic Mars Attacks! and scented in ACK ACK ACK!: a houseblend of ripe oranges, sunny lemons and oddly named kumquats. It’s a delightful solar flair of citrus sure to put a smile on your face. These bombs contain organic shea butter, apricot oil, aloe butter, jojoba and hemp oil, carefully combined to give your skin a luxurious experience.”

This bath bomb, you guys. IT’S SO GOOD. Lou has the whole bath bomb formula down, dudes. Seriously. It’s so moisturizing and fizzy and just smells delightful. It can make your tub a bit slick, so make sure you’re careful getting out (though, that can be said for any bath product). I plan on getting quite a few more on Friday. I’m straight obsessed, folks.

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Whatcha think? Are either of these must-haves for you? I vote yes. Just sayin’.

All PPU items for April will go up for preorder starting this Friday, the 6th of April, at 11am EST over in the shop. As usual, shipping is a flat $3 for the US and a flat $5 for our neighbors North of the wall! International shipping is also available at cost. For more photos and links on what will be offered, you’re going to want to check out the Polish Pickup Pack on FB.

For all things Bluebird Lacquer:

And with that, it’s nap time. We’ve got another thunderstorm cell that’s about to go over us, so it’s perfect cuddle time. Thanks for stopping by!


***The products mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for a review and photos, which can be found above.***

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  1. That polish is so pretty. The bath bomb sounds like it smells amazing. I’m trying to keep my list short and sweet this month. But it’s so hard! I was a big space geek growing up too. I remember reading how Saturn would float in water and I always imagined it floating down the shit crick by my house. Hahaha

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