Okay but like, before this review starts, we need to have a moment of silence. One of my nails cracked at work this morning. I have a super big project coming up (nail-wise) and surely they must know that they can’t be traitorous heifers. Surely.

Rude. As. Hell. Guess it’s time to file them back down and then just keep some polish on them 24/7. Ugh. Maybe I’ll do that before bed. We did laundry earlier in the snow and it was so cold that I’m still trying to warm up. I stuck my fleece pjs on top of my leggings. Y’all. The girl that has hot flashes is freezing. This ain’t normal.

While I shiver my night away, I’ve got an awesome collection from my sassy friend over at Wildflower Lacquer, Taylor. She’s a classic rock fan (among many other things) and decided to tie her love of holo in with Led Zeppelin. It turned out totally kickass! We’ll go ahead and get to the pictures BUT I’d recommend reading till the end for a neato little discount code just for my readers!

Stairway To Holo; shimmery light silver blue with linear holo. I’d almost call this one a bit of an aqua shade moreso than blue, but either way, it is stunning. It’s got this ethereal feel that I’m totally swooning over. Photos show two coats plus top coat.

Whole Lotta Holo; black base with dark forest green, and gold hue with linear holo, and scattered holo glitter. Murky. Broody. Seductive. Everything that you could ever want in a vampy shade! It goes on smoothly and settles out easily – photos show two coats plus top coat.

Houses Of The Holo; gold polish loaded with linear holo and scattered red to orange shimmer. Flashy and SFW? Sign me up! The holo is super strong and just plain pretty. If you overwork the polish, brush streaks can show, but this one goes on smoothly in just two coats (plus TC).

I Can’t Quit You Holo; dark magenta with purple hue, and linear holo. Uhm. Hi. Hello. Yes, I’d like to report a murder because I am DED. ICQYH is delicious and decadent and rich and so effing good. It also does NOT stain, which is awesome as all get out! Photos show two coats plus top coat.

Battle Of Holo; a dark navy blue with linear holo. This is the perfect deep blue to rep your love for all things rock, right? I love how much depth it has! Two coats plus top coat shown here.

Misty Mountain Holo; light lavender with linear holo. This one is another favorite from the collection for me! It absolutely glows in person, it’s unreal! It’s also got a super smooth formula that is fully opaque in two coats.

I know my photos of this collection are a touch dark BUT the color is super accurate in my opinion. Kinda digging how the low light shows the holo flame in each of them!

Gorgeous, yeah? Taylor has also created a discount code exclusively for my readers! You can use VEL10OFF for 10% off any order. She also just reopened her shop on the 1st, so I’d recommend y’all taking a look at all she has to offer!

And with that, it’s bed time for me. Thanks for stopping by, loves!

***The products mentioned in this post were were purchased by me with a discount code in exchange for a review and photos, which can be found above.***

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