Y’all ready for post #2 for the night? I’ve made myself perfectly comfy here at the LAN center. Took my shoes off (but kept socks on because I’m a heathen, but only a little), and I’m bundled up in my hoodie and jacket. Now all that’s missing is the piece of pizza that’s across the room from me. Life’s tough, folks. So tough.

I’m back with a lovely holiday appropos trio from Rise and Shine Cosmetics that I think everyone will enjoy! Courtney created these inspired by traveling with her tiny humans. The names crack me up, and are super relevant for anyone going anywhere during the holiday season.

Please Be Good As Gold; a rich gold copper polish with holographic flair and rose gold flakes. I love how this one pulls a rosy shade with those flakies. It’s so dang pretty. If you overwork the polish, brushstrokes can show up, but the formula is smooth and goes on easily in two coats. My photos also show top coat.


Please No Traffic Or Delays; a cheerful, vibrant red-leaning pink that is full of holo and color shifting flakes. Perfect holiday pink! It’s got a squishy jelly formula and the color is just so regal. Those flakies are delicious, too! My photos show two coats plus top coat.

Please Stop Asking If We Are There Yet; a shifting blue to green polish that is full of green flakes, magic unicorn pigment (one of the sister pigments) and a handful of holographic flair. Be still, my heart! If I weren’t already warming up to blue shades, this one could totally win me over. I love that it’s not just a static blue, the flakies and various pigments make it so squishy and complex. Love! My photos are of two coats plus top coat.

Aren’t they lovely? You can grab them for $9.95 each via this link.

You can also find more of Rise and Shine Cosmetics here:


With that, I’m out for the evening! It’s time for some pizza and a little WoW. I’ll be back tomorrow with a fun NYE collab that you fine folks won’t want to miss!

***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above!***

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