This review is about to be quick and dirty, and not in a good way. Truthfully, I’ve been dreading getting this post up because there’s not one single thing that I like about these polishes. I’ve worn each of them twice, to see if maybe the weather (??) screwed with the application, but nope.

That said, I’m super excited that I was chosen for this VoxBox from Influenster – it’s fun getting to test new things and share info about them with everyone. I appreciate the fact that they work with several influencers of different levels. Super neat.

The Sally Hansen Insta-Dri formula seems to be a favorite for many folks. I’m sure it has the potential to be awesome. I just managed to get two super chalky cremes that were streaky as all get out.

First up is Racing Rose, which is a light pink creme. Streaky. Patchy. Pooly. Just. Ugh. It also took forever to dry for me, but I guess that could totally be body chemistry. The color though, do like. My photos show two coats plus top coat.

And next is this neutral creme, Champagne Supernova. This one was streaky and patchy as well. The color doesn’t suit me, but I can see it being a flattering shade for many skin tones. Two coats plus top coat here, too.

And that’s it! I know it’s short and not super sweet, but I really don’t care to lie to y’all. I’ve seen some posts from folks saying they enjoyed the polishes. Maybe I just got a bad batch.

As always, if you’re curious about Influenster, you can learn more and sign up with my link here. It’s free and you get to try some neato things in exchange for honest reviews! I’ve got a few other Influenster reviews tucked away on the blog. Thanks for stopping by, y’all!

****I received this nail polish complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own and any clickable links in my post are non-affiliate. I do not make any money from these posts.****

18 Replies to “Influenster | #InstaDri – Sally Hansen VoxBox

  1. Despite the lengthy polish reviews I’ve done on Influenster, they still mostly send me hair stuff or regular vox boxes, which are nice to get too. It’s a shame these polishes sucked. The pink is really pretty.

  2. I don’t think it’s your body chemistry alone; I bought one recently and it took forever to dry. I haven’t tried the old formula, so I don’t know if it is the reformulation that’s responsible. Either way, it is a huge bummer.

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