Happy Monday! I hope all y’all had a wonderful weekend! Ours has been cold and filled with lots of Pokemon GO and World of Warcraft and a distinct lack of proper sleep. Could be a whole lot worse, yeah? I’m watching Helix (can’t tell if I like it or not but here I am on the second season sooooo take that as you will) and chowing down on some pizza that I’ll probably regret tomorrow while the nerds game their little hearts out.

While they’re preoccupied, I’ve got two gorgeous polishes from Tee over at Necessary Evil Polish to share. We’re just two weeks out from Christmas (like, holy shit where did the year go!?) and these two are perfect for the holiday season with a dark little twist. My creepy little heart is oh so happy.

First up, we have Elf Blood ($11), which is a festive blood orange red shade filled with scattered holo and platinum microflakies. The base is super squishy and soft and the polish itself goes on in two smooth coats. My photos show Seche Vite on top, but just look how it glows! It was super glossy solo, me using TC was out of habit.

Second is Oh Tannenbaum ($13) is a Kelly green to goldish red thermal that is loaded with ruby, green, and silver microflakies, a touch of spectraflair, AND a touch of pigment that mimicks the beloved unicorn pee. It shifts from red to gold to green depending on the lighting. With my VNL I needed three coats BUT most folks will be able to get full coverage from just two. I love how complex this polish is, and how quickly it transitions from the cold (green) to warm (gold goodness) state. I am absolutely smitten.

Here it is in the cold state:

And here are several shots of it transitioning to the warm state!

Whatcha think? Both of these are perfect for Christmas (or any other festive holiday that you might enjoy!) and are available now! Oh Tannenbaum will be gone from the shop after January 15th, but will be back next year. I’d recommend grabbing it now!

Don’t forget that Necessary Evil Polish is also on Facebook and starting out on Instagram, too! We’ve also got a fun little fan group that can be found here.

And that is it for me for this evening! It’s time for nerdery in the form of WoW and odd sci fi shows. Thanks for stopping by, loves!


***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above!***

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