Y’ALL I GOT ATTACKED BY A MOUSE. And by attacked I mean that the little dude lunged at me (accidentally) in an attempt to run away because I spooked him while cleaning behind my Keurig. I screamed. Loud. I also decided that I didn’t want to be in the kitchen with his furry little butt, so we wound up getting Subway. That definitely was enough excitement for my day. I might just go binge watch Glitch season 2 in bed and pretend that I was actually productive today.

Before I become a useless blanket burrito, however, I have one more Polish Pickup offering to share for the evening – this time from a brand that hasn’t participated in the PPU yet: Starlight Polish!

Issa chose Nikolaustag, which is St. Nicholas Day (which falls on December 6th) as her holiday. It’s very near and dear to her heart, and you can see just how much it means to her – it translates very well in her gorgeous lacquer.

The inspiration photo is from the Alsace tourist board’s website, but the real inspiration is my own memory of Nikolaustag. I lived in Germany for a few years when I was very young, on a military base. The details of the memory are fuzzy, because I was only four or five, but I remember the Nikolaustag parade. It was in the late evening, after it was already dark, and quite cold. My mother dressed me for the weather, and we went out and joined the group of people following Sankt Nikolaus around the neighborhood. I still remember how excited I was about being outside at night (past my bedtime, in the dark!) and I remember watching that red velvet with gold trim at the front of the parade.

Nikolaustag is described as a “red jelly polish with red micro flakes, small gold flakes with a smattering of small white flakes interspersed, and silvery-white sparkles. It’s inspired by the outfit of Sankt Nikolaus – long white beard, white gown trimmed with lace, red velvet and gold-trimmed cloak, sash, and miter, and a golden staff.”

My photos of Nikolaustag show just two coats plus top coat. The jelly base lends itself to the gorgeous squishiness with serious depth, and it’s beautiful! Those flakies just float and look absolutely magical.

Starting on Friday the 1st, Nikolaustag will be available for preorder for $12 from the Polish Pickup! Not that anything has changed in the few hours since my last post, but in case you’re new here, shipping within the US and Canada is a flat $3. SO GOOD.

For more photos and links on what’s releasing for preorder this Friday, you’re going to want to check out the Polish Pickup Pack on FB.

Oh, and moar links!

BLANKET BURRITO TIME, Y’ALL. Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be back in the morning!

***The nail polish mentioned in this post was sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

14 Replies to “December 2017 Polish Pickup | Starlight Polish

  1. That red is absolutely beautiful <3 Ugh… mouse drive me nuts. They will literally attack me too, thought I think they actually are going so fast they don't realize it. lol

  2. That’s a gorgeous shade and should sell out fast. I would scream too with a mouse. I once picked up the laundry only to have a giant spider in it and it went on me. I screamed like I was in a cartoon.

  3. This is a gorgeous polish. and, haha, I read that there was a moose attacking you. I thought a baby moose wandered from his mama and into your kitchen. Bears will do that, but moose won’t usually….hahaha, makes more sense that it was a mouse.

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