Good morning! I’m up early because now my sleep schedule dictates that I knock out at midnight, wake up at 4, and then go back to bed at 9. No clue why, but it works. I just made some 90 second keto bread (which is super eggy and I’m about 73% sure I hate it) and put an episode of Criminal Minds on, and now I’m ready to babble on about a hella purdy polish.

Jen from Bohemian Polish (who hasn’t been on here in at least two years, I’ve been slacking!) is participating in the December Polish Pickup, and her offering for the Holidays Around the World theme is wicked gorgeous. Oh, AND it smells awesome!

Lady Bohemian chose Krampusnacht, which is a delightfully creepy holiday. I found a bit more info on it that’s worded WAY better than anything I could do, so here go:

When most children in the world are thinking of a jolly, round old man with a white beard who’s going to come clambering down their chimney on December 25th, bearing a bag full of presents, children in Bavaria, much of Eastern Europe, and parts of Germany are gearing up for Krampusnacht twenty days before. We don’t normally think of Christmastime as involving scary demons with horns and masks, but for some, it’s all part of their traditional Christmas. (HistoryThings)

Jen describes Krampusnacht as a “blackened burgundy filled with red shimmer, sparks, and flashes of holo. It’s dark, fiery, and glows from within.”

Y’all. This baby goes on in one coat. Legit. It really does glow, and it is very much so the key to my vampy and creepy little heart. It’s super pigmented so it dried semi matte, but glossed right on up with a coat of Seche Vite.

Check out that holo flame in the bottle! I. Am. Shook.

Bohemian Polish will also be offering a wax shot of the same name for $2.50!
“Our wax scent shot to accompany the polish is a smoky, woodsy blend of cedar, birch, leather and musk. Fashioned after the original Slatkin Fireside, this scent evokes images of a Krampusnacht parade. ”

It smells SO good! It’s smoky, fresh, and seductive. I have totally been hoarding mine because it’s that damn good.

Krampusnacht (both polish and wax) will be available for preorder starting on Friday, December 1st, at 11am EST through the Polish Pickup. The nail polish will be $12 and the wax $2.50.

As always, shipping is $3 for the US and our neighbors north of the wall.

For more photos and links on what’s releasing for preorder this Friday, you’re going to want to check out the Polish Pickup Pack on FB.

If you’d like to see more of what Bohemian Polish has to offer, check out these links:

Thanks for stopping by, babes! I managed to break a nail while typing up this post??? (I’m just as baffled as you are, if not more) so I’m going to file them down and then try to get a bit more sleep. Have a good morning!

***The products mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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