Hey! Hi! Hello! Are y’all still recovering from all the foods yesterday? I am for sure. I’m still in a post-Thanksgiving haze and the urge to lay down and watch stuff on Netflix is overwhelming. Soon, brain. Soon. My poor boyfriend is working the first quarter of a 48-hour lock in at his job and I’m sure he’s hating every minute of it. I packed him some yummy leftovers, though, so hopefully that helps the awfulness that is a bajillion sticky-fingered tiny heathens running around a LAN center.

While he’s suffering through that and I’m fighting a serious case of the sleepies, I have a gorgeous holotastic holiday collection to share! Taylor from Wildflower Lacquer recently released her Christmas collection and it is to die for! She also has an amazing Black Friday deal going on until midnight CST, so be sure to read till the end for that.

The Merry & Bright Collection is made up of 6 polishes that are packed with holo, flakies, and shimmers. Unf.

Wine by the Fire; a light purple linear holo with shimmer, as well as purple and blue flakies. Oh. Oh my. Definitely one of my favorites from the collection – it’s such a lovely shade of purple and those flakies pair SO well with it! My photos show two coats plus top coat.


Sleigh Bells; a yellow-leaning linear gold holo. This has to be the most gorgeous gold shade ever! The holo in it is so strong, even in normal lighting, and it’s jaw-dropping. It went on in two coats for me, but it can be a tad sheer due to the shade and base – some folks may need three coats depending on their VNL. It should also be noted that this one can stain pretty badly, so it’s recommended to use 1 to 2 coats of a base coat, such as Yellow Stopper.


Santa Baby; a deep red with both gold and red flakies and a light dusting of holo. The perfect red for the holiday season! It reminds me of a shade that my mom would let me wear only on Christmas when I was a child, and I love it so! My photos show two coats plus top coat.


Mistletoe; a dark green linear holo with shimmer and green flakies. Hokay, so before I even tell y’all how much I dig this shade, I need to bring a little attention to those pesky little pigment lumps in my photos. This is NOT normal for the polish, and no other swatchers had issues. Shoot, I wouldn’t even really call mine an issue. Our weather went from 80 down to 20 in two days, and I’m pretty sure it screwed with the formula a bit because my mail sat on our porch for a few hours. Other than that, it went on super smooth in two gorgeous coats. I love love love this particular shade. It’s just so rich and gorgeous. The green pigment in this one CAN stain, so I’d recommend using base coat. It cleans up nicely with either acetone or a mani bomb, so it’s not super bad.


Jolly; a bright linear holo pink with purple flakies. Bubblegum pink! I feel like this is the shade that you’d see all over Candyland, which for whatever reason, my brain associates with Christmas even though it’s just a normal board game. Well then. This beautiful candy pink went on in two smooth coats. It had a teeeeeeeny tiny bit of texture with the flakies but it smoothed out easily with Seche Vite on top.


Frosted Nights; an almost shimmery light blue linear holo with a gold shift, as well as both violet and blue flakies. I feel like this one is the rock star of the whole collection! That gold shimmer paired with those flakies totally steal the show, in my opinion. SO damn gorgeous! My photos show two coats plus top coat.


The 6 polishes are available as the full set for $55, or $10 individually. They can be found here.

The best part, though, is that Taylor has an amazing sale that’s going on until 11:59pm EST tonight, the 24th. Her Black Friday sale offers 40% off her entire store with code BLACKFRIDAYWFL. Seriously. If you haven’t tried any of her stuff yet, especially her holos, you need to snag a few. You seriously can’t beat a deal like this!

Whatcha think? Is there anything in particular calling out to you from this collection? Or what about the rest of her shop?

I’d also recommend checking out the For the Love of Wildflower Lacquer Facebook group – we like to share sneak peeks of upcoming collections and sometimes neato discount codes!

Hokay. Naptime. Thanks for stopping by! I can’t wait to see everyone’s Wildflower Lacquer hauls in the next few weeks!

***The products mentioned in this post were were purchased by me with a discount code in exchange for a review and photos, which can be found above.***

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