Happy Turkey Day, folks! Or, if you’re not in the US, happy Thursday! I’m up with a cup of vanilla bulletproof coffee and some music and I’m SO ready for hella carby foods later. Ohhh man. After this post, I’m going to get the potatoes and mashed potatoes boiling for their respective dishes so they’ll be good to go by the time the other half of the nerds get here tonight. I may even nap. The possibilities are mostly endless. Right?

While I’ve got your attention, I have a super fun new product from  Moonflower Polish – microglitters that you can stamp with – that I’m excited to share because I know you’re all going to love these!

These microglitters are so much fun, folks. I honestly had an easier time with these than I ever did with regular stamping. I don’t get it. But, we’re going to roll with it because glitter. Lots of glitter.

Just so I’m not repeating myself, all of my photos show a base of Obsidian from Starlight Polish. My bottle of Noche from Moonflower has a very sad fill line, so I figured it’d be a good time to test out this one! It’s a one-coater almost black with subtle shimmer and it also stamps! The technique that I used for these glitters calls for rubbing the microglitter on your stamper, and then using black polish on the plate – when you press your stamper, it’ll transfer that black to the glitter to make it stampable. Obsidian was super easy to work with and worked so so well with these. Because you’re adding actual glitters to a smooth polish, there will be some texture, so top coat is recommended (it also holds the glitter in place). My photos show two coats of Seche Vite on top because textures and I don’t get along.

My description of how to do this is AWFUL. Nadia, who is the blogger behind Mama Hearts Polish and the face of Moonflower Polish, put out a youtube tutorial with detailed instructions on how to do this (and how not to!). It helped me GREATLY.  You can watch that here.The technique isn’t difficult at all, truthfully, once you get it all down, and once you try it for yourself, you’ll agree, I hope. It’s a ton of fun and surprisingly easy to clean up.

Now that I’ve talked your ear off in the form of weird and wordy babble, let’s take a look at the glitters, yeah?

Holographic Gold


Holographic Red


Holographic Green




Oh yeah! All images came from the EJB-03 plate from Ejiubas.

As mentioned before, these all clean up pretty easily! I used a soft brush from Wistonia to wipe away excess glitters. What you see stuck to me is because I use and acetone additive which made those little heifers cling for dear life to my skin.

These are currently available for $5 each for 2.5g of high quality cosmetic-grade microglitter.

Moonflower is also hosting a Black Friday sale! From now until Monday, you can use the code BLACKFRIDAY for 25% off your order. This only applicable for individual stamping polishes, please keep that in mind. However, the microglitters are super inexpensive and you get a ton of product, so you’re getting a steal on them at $5 a piece!

For all things Moonflower Polish, be sure to check out these links:

I’m going to take a small break from blogging to get my foods going, so I’ll be back shortly! Thanks for stopping by!

***The stamping products mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

5 Replies to “Moonflower Polish | Microglitters

  1. This looks so cool! I’ll have to look into how it’s done, I’m thinking it’s stamped with clear polish then glitter sprinkled on top right after?

    1. Not quite! It’s identical to regular stamping BUT you rub some of the glitter on your stamper before pressing down on the plate to get the image. The glitter will only stick to the image, so it’s super neat!

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