Hey y’all! We’re about 3 hours into Thanksgiving and there’s still SO much to do! I feel like I’m at an okay stopping point tonight for food prep, but I’m still anxious because there’s so much to do tomorrow. Brains are dumb, seriously. Instead of panicking, though, I’m working on more posts and knocking out some more swatches. There are so many amazing sales this weekend, and I’ve got a lot of them to share with y’all. I’m hella stoked.

One of the kickass sales is hosted by Jennalyn over at LynBDesigns– she has a gorgeous new collection, which you’ll see tonight, and some amazing deals, which we’ll get into at the end. Ready?



The name of the game, or collection, is Making Christmas and it. is. wonderful! It’s made up of a core trio, and then the other four polishes are gifts with purchase (with different price thresholds) but they can be purchased as well if you don’t meet one of the purchase thresholds and have a mighty need for one of them in particular. That was a terrible run on sentence. Let’s roll with it.

What’s This ($10); a deep forest green jelly base with UCC flakes that shift from blue to purple to pink to gold. Holy mother of fug. I… Wow. This one is incredible. The base is a bit sheer – I only used two thin coats – but those flakies are absolutely magical. They swim and just scream for attention. SO PRETTY


Most Improbable Dream ($10); a deep blackish base that shifts from cyan to blue to purple to red with holo micro flakes. I swear, this polish is a chameleon. In some lighting, it looks like a warm metallic brown, and then others it shifts to that cyan shade. It’s SO gorgeous! My photos show two coats plus top coat.


Snowflake in a Fiery Grip ($10); a white crelly base with red to bronze to copper to gold UCC flakes. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this one is actual life. If I ever say that I’m not a flakie fan, I need y’all to send me some damn glitter in the mail as punishment. This one is SO true to it’s name, holy friggen a, batman. The base is pretty sheer, but I was able to get away with three coats plus top coat.


Simply Meant to Be ($10 or free with $25 purchase); deep deep violet jelly base with copper holo micro shimmer and gold holo micro glitter. I’m swooning over that base, folks. It pairs so well with those glitters! It had a tiny bit of texture just because the jelly base is squishy, but it settled pretty well with top coat. My photos show two coats + TC.


Enthusiastic Cloud ($10 or free with $50 purchase); bright red orange jelly base with a scattering of white flakes and a ton of red to gold shifting shimmer. HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG. I MEAN REALLY, LOOK AT THOSE DAMN FLAKIES. They absolutely light up the whole polish, my goodness. This one is a bit on the sheer side, so my photos show three coats plus top coat.


Frost on Every Window ($10 or free with $75 purchase); white crelly base with holo micro flakes throughout. What a perfect wintery white polish! I love that it’s actually a snowy white shade, and those flakies are perfect for giving that twinkling look. For whatever reason, this squishy pretty was super sheer (the formula was awesome – it just showed hella VNL for me. ymmv.) so my photos show three coats plus top coat.


My Hopes, My Dreams, My Fantasies ($10 or free with $100 purchase); blue jelly base with linear holo, holo sparkle, and pink to orange to yellow shimmer. You’re going to need to take a cold shower after this one. That shimmer… ain’t it absolutely purdy? So good. SO. EFFING. GOOD. Photos show two coats plus top coat.


Hokay, now for all of the infos. Hold onto your butts.

  • From November 22nd through the 29th, you can use BF2K17 for half off of your order – that means that the core Making Christmas trio can be purchased for $15.
  • The last four polishes above are the GWP babies – $25, $50, $75, and $100. If your order totals $100, you’ll receive all four of the GWP polishes.
  • Jennalyn has some extras of the 12 Days of Multichrome boxes. With the code above, you can snag it for $65. Best deal ever.
  • There are mystery grab bags available for $12. It’ll include 3 full-sized polishes of things she’s previously made, whether it be duds, retired shades, or even previous Polish Pickup shades.

Issalot, I know. But I mean. Black Friday is upon us, and this way, you’re not standing out in the stupid cold hoping that you can get the item that you want, right? Shoooooooot, good time to grab some leftovers or some pie, curl up with some wine, and shop your little heart out. That, and supporting small businesses makes my heart happy.

For all things LynBDesigns:

1. Can we just acknowledge the fact that this is my first post using my Rebel T5i and I only cried like 4 times working on photos? Seeing those flakies made it SO worth it. 2. I’m going to be bombarding y’all with posts tomorrow. You’ve been warned. But you’ll also be armed for prime PJ shopping. 3. I appreciate y’all stopping by! Going to finish a few more swatches and then head to bed. Have a great night!

***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

Also, just as a disclaimer, Jennalyn of LynBDesigns is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by the Nightmare Before Christmas franchise.

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