Y’all. It is the most Mondayest Tuesday to ever Tuesday. We haven’t gotten Thanksgiving groceries. We planned on going today to grab them (though, my oh so cute boyfriend didn’t hear me say we should go at night to avoid crowds), and get some lunch and all that fun stuff. The gas gauge in his car stopped working a few weeks back, so he’s just been keeping track of his usage manually (which is easy since he only goes to work and that’s maybe a mile away). Unlucky for us, as soon as he put the car in reverse, it shut back off. Guess he was a little lower on fuel than he originally thought. No biggie, let’s roll it back UPHILL to park it back in our drive. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaat was a fail. Luckily some nice dude drove down the alley and offered to help. Good news, though, is that we live close to a gas station, so walking to get a gallon wasn’t a problem. We filled up, got Moe’s (which is really sad when you’re avoiding carbs, just sayin’) and then drove by the store. It was so packed that we turned around and now I’m fighting to stay awake, but a nap is going to need to happen before we do our midnight grocery run.

Before I knock out, I have a beautiful quad to show y’all that’s currently wonderfully discounted and up for preorder! Connie from Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer  originally introduced these in early October (right as I had to leave for SoCal) as a preorder, and I thought they were gone gone so I’d held onto this post. BUT THEY’RE BACK! And now is the perfect time to show them with all of the Black Friday sales that are about to start!

Bea; a black jelly base with various silver holo glitters. What a beautiful inky glitterbomb! This was a surprise favorite for me, it went on in two coats (awesome opacity for jelly + glitter), and settled with one coat of Seche Vite to smooth out any textures.


Rue; a plum holo with copper sparks. Y’all already know this one has my heart. Purple. Glowy. Holo. HELL YEAH DUDES. Rue was just about fully opaque in one coat, but I went back for a second to even everything out. Because it’s super pigmented, it dried semi matte, but glossed right up with TC.


Betty; a rosy pink with gold and pink shimmer throughout. Such a classy shade! Another super-pigmented polish that goes on in one coat (SO GOOD) but also dried semi matte. I topped it with TC for my photos.


Estelle; a linear holo in a sheer silver base, silver holo glitter, fuschia sparks, and iridescent glitter. I can’t put into words just how much I love this polish. It’s got so much going on, but it’s so simple and magical. I used two coats and top coat for my photos below. I fully expect you guys to snag this one and do all sorts of holiday art with it. Okay? Good. Glad we had this talk.


The Fall 2017 Quartet is available for now as a preorder – it should ship around 12/15. There’s currently a discount on them as a Black Friday special – $8.99 each or $34 total, that price will be good until 11/27 at 11:59 PM. There’s also an extra discount code available if you’re a member of the 77NL fan group! You may wanna check that out here.

Be sure to stop on over to Connie’s shop at seventysevennaillacquer.com.

Thanks for stopping by, loves! Nap time, I’m outtie.


***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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