Good evening! It’s been an odd day, but not too bad. I’d planned on getting more posts up this morning, but right after my last one, my web host decided to cease all functionality. Neat feature, right? It at least gave me time to read and nap and attempt to find keto-compliant recipes. Who knew there were so many friggen carbs in things?! I’m trying to tell myself this’ll all be worth it in the end, but I have a mighty need for some bread and cereal. The struggle is real, y’all.

I’m here to show you lovely nerds a limited edition collection from Kristen over at Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish – it made its appearance at The Indie Shop back in October. Flakie lovers, this quad is for you!

The Johnny Collection is inspired by some of Johnny Depp’s well-known and well-loved characters, and it kicks total ass. I realize that I say that a lot, but it’s true. I honestly have nothing but good things to say about these four pretties, and I’m stoked to share them with the indie world!

Sweeney; a medium grey base with orange holo glitters, gunmetal micro flakies, copper sparkles, red-orange-gold UCC flakies, and a hint of green shimmer. OH. OH MY GOODNESS. Say hello to my favorite PCNP out of everything she’s ever made. Holy balls, it’s gorgeous! I love the grey base and just how striking the flakies are against it. My photos show two coats plus top coat.

Hatter; a blackened copper-brown-green multichrome with orange holo glitters, iridescent chameleon glitters, matte hot orange glitters, and a dusting of silver holo micro glitters. Hello, autumn in a bottle! I lovelovelove the blackened base on this one. It’s perfect for this particular multichrome shift – gives it this warm yet cool feeling, My photos show two coats and top coat.


Sparrow; Sparrow: a blackened green-yellow-gold multicrhome iridescent chameleon glitters, matte hot orange glitters, silver holo micro glitters, purple to red UCC flakies, and red to orange to gold UCC flakies. It’s so squishy! Those glitters go so so well with the blackened green base! Photos are two coats plus top coat.


Wonka; a blackened maroon-red-orange multicrhome with iridescent chameleon glitters, silver galaxy holo glitters, silver holo micro glitters, metallic purple glitters, metallic red glitter shreds, purple-red UCC flakies, and a touch of copper shimmer. Another favorite of mine from this collection – it’s a warm berry multichrome and those flakies are absolutely delicious in it. Be sure to peep that sunset-esque shift! I feel like Wonka would be in love with this magic in a bottle, no? For whatever reason, this one was a bit more sheer on me, so I went with three coats and top coat.


The LE Johnny Collection is available now, in small quantities – I believe that there’s less than 10 of each bottle BUT Kristen noted that if there’s a demand, she’ll look into possibly making more. They’re $12 each, or $45 total plus shipping. Lots of incredible multichrome flakies here that most definitely need to be in your life!

You can also see more of what Kristen and the rest of the Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish gang is up to at these links:

I appreciate y’all stopping by! Have a great night, loves!


***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can both be found above.***

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  1. Lol, I definitely like the Wonka polish more than that stinker of a movie. Would’ve loved to see an Ichabod Crane. He’s so delightfully squeamish in the movie. Great polishes!

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