Mernin’! Sleep, yet again, has not happened. Hoping to stay up all day so we can sleep normally tonight… may even go see the new Thor movie! While we wait for that, I figured I’d get a post up and see how many swatches I can knock out before I inevitably fall asleep at my desk. I tried to sip some coffee, but going from using half and half and a little sugar to heavy whipping cream and stevia was an unpleasant shock. CARBS WHY YOU MAKE THINGS SO TASTY?!

Eventually I’ll hush about that stuff. Eventually. I may even make a section here on the blog for any and all progress within our keto journey. Might be kinda neat! What say y’all?

Back to all things nail lacquer, my dudes! Literary Lacquers  brought a bunch of their older shades back for fall, and I have three of them to share this morning. Spoiler alert: I’m absolutely L O V I N G these! They’re all inspired by The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe (in collaboration with xoxoJen), and all sorts of creepy perfect.


And This Mystery Explore ($10); a smoky grey crelly packed with copper and orange holographic microglitter and sparkle. It’s a touch on the thicker side with all of the glitters, but it applied super smoothly and settled well with two coats and top coat. The shade itself is super unique, almost like a bronzed pewter? Either way, I love it lots.


Sweet Lenore ($12); a bronze metallic with strong linear holo. Be still, my heart! Another unique shade, almost like a lighter linear version of And This Mystery Explore. I’m totally digging on it. The polish is super pigmented, but on the thinner side BUT goes on in one coat???? Actual witchcraft. My photos show just one with top coat.


Soul Within Me Burning ($12); a deep vampy purple holo with coppery orange sparkle and shift. Oh. Oh yes. This vampy beauty is legit everything good in this world. It’s a tad thicker because there’s so much pigment, but it’s SO easy to work with! I had no issues with pooling or dragging, and it was opaque in just one coat (photos show that with TC, as usual). That glow absolutely slays the lacquer game, in my opinion. Gorgeous, right? I’m also super happy to report that I had no staining with it.


These three polishes are currently available in the Literary Lacquers shop, and I think I can hear them calling out for you to adopt one (or all). While you’re there, you should totally check out all of Amy’s creations. She’s a magician when it comes to polish creation.

Be sure to check out all of the links below for more info and photos on all that Literary Lacquers has to offer!

Thanks for stopping my, my friends! Are you planning to get any of these?

***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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