Good morning! I’m up bright and early because as usual, sleep failed. But that’s okay because I’ve got some amazing coffee (ps, check out – their medium & magnificent blend is delicious!), X-Files playing (for the 22nd time) in the background, and the hope that my new camera is out for delivery. After last night’s storm, the heat broke again and now it’s nice and cold and I. am. thriving.  I’m entirely too excited for a boring ass Monday.

Before I crash hard for several hours (wow, I say that a lot. the struggle is HELLA real dudes), we’re going to take a look at a gorgeous gemstone collection that Quixotic Polish recently released. They’re even more awesome because she recently changed her logo and it’s perfectly regal for these gorgeous gems!

The Gemstones II collection is the followup to the Gems Uncovered Collection and y’all, it’s gorgeous! Now, because I’m a little late, the following may not be available still but just in case – the first 25 orders that snag more than two from the Gemstones II collection will receive a polished agate stone as well as a little crown ring. I have both and of course I didn’t get photos but 1) they’re both SO pretty 2) you need.

Opal; a beautiful white crelly with strong turquoise shimmer, scattered holo sparkles and mixed UCC flakies. That shimmer totally freaked out my phone’s camera, but look how vibrant it is! That and the flakies had me swooning in no time. The formula is impeccable – I thought it’d be sheer with the crelly base but nope! Two thin coats and BAM.


Tiger’s Eye; a metallic leaning darkened topaz base with holo sparkles and mixed UCC flakies. The base on this one is so so pretty, but the UCC flakies are the star of this polish, in my opinion. They lend themselves to the glowy attributes of the actual gem, and shine like none other. My photos show two thin coats plus top coat, but this one is a kickass single-coater if you use a slightly heavy hand.


Amethyst; a grape leaning purple jelly filled with holo sparkles and mixed UCC flakies. -insert inhuman squeals of delight- Amethyst is SO PRETTY. Like. If I ever have a tiny human of my own, I’d probably sacrifice the sticky-fingered little person for backup bottles of this one. It’s squishy and the glitters and flakies just… sparkle! It was also good to go in two coats plus top coat.


Chrysocolla; a deep teal jelly with scattered holo sparkles and mixed UCC flakies. Efffffffffffffffff. I’d sell my non-existent child for this one, too. The jelly base suspends everything so well – it’s the closest I’ll ever get to having any of these fancy gems in my life and I’m 104% okay with that. Another two-coater, too!


As mentioned above, these beauties are currently available! You can get them for $10 each or snag all four for $38. While you’re getting those, you may wanna just go ahead and adopt the first gemstone collection as well.

Do you have a favorite? I’m not a big jelly fan, but Amethyst and Chrysocolla both have me feeling some kind of way. Shiiiiiiet. I’m in love with all four.

If you’d like to see more on what’s going on with Quixotic Polish, check out the following links:

Thanks for stopping by, y’all! I’ve got another Quixotic Polish post in the works as well as lots of others that will go up this week. I hope to see you here again!


***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***


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