Good morning! This was meant to go up a few hours ago but a fail of a nap happened after a caffeine crash and $500 worth of groceries being packed into an RX8 with a busted suspension. Thaaaat was fun. But we’ve got a ton of stuff for low carb and won’t have to go shopping for a few months. Unless the nerds dig into the cheese and salami that I portioned out. We gonna have a come to Jesus meeting if it comes to that.

I’m back with my final post on the November Polish Pickup! The lovely and fun Lou over at Bluebird Lacquer reached out last week if I could swatch her contribution and I HAD to say yes. Everything that I own from her is pretty friggen awesome and this polish is as well.

For her fandom, Lou went with Star Wars. I’m pretty sure I can hear geeky lacquer fiends rejoicing all over the world. If you’re doing a little happy dance, we can take a small break. Go on. Dance it out. I won’t judge you.


Squadron Goals (y’all, that name. It’s too damn good.) “is a galaxy blurpley duochromey holo with light saber colored flakies,” according to the OG Bluebird. That’s a pretty spot-on description, I’d say, super technical terms included. The flakies like to hide a bit on camera, but man, they were all over. I didn’t have to fish or anything. My photos here show it in two coats plus top coat. IT’S SO GLOWY, I CANNOT HANDLE IT. Neither could my camera, apparently.


The next two photos have weird lighting because of the angle but I did it to capture the purple shift and oooooohhhhhboy it came out to play along with those flakies. I’m absolutely smitten, my dudes.


The November Polish Pickup is open from now until Monday the 6th t 11:59PM EST. You can grab Squadron Goals for $12 and shipping is still that flat $3 for the US and Canada no matter how many polishes you decide to preorder. Trust me. It’s legit. I went a little crazy this morning and halleloo, I feel blessed as all get out for that cheap shipping.

If you haven’t shopped the PPU yet, you’re going to want to check out the Polish Pickup Pack on FB and build that shopping list because SO MANY NERDY GOODS.

For all things Bluebird Lacquer:

Annnnd I am outtie! Thanks for sticking with me so early in the morning! I’ll be back later today with more pretties!


***The nail polish mentioned in this post was sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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