Mernin’ nerdlings! It’s Monday, it’s cold, I haven’t had nearly enough caffeine or sleep to make it through the day. I mean, really, what’s new at this point? Now that we have a little family of mice in our house, I’ve been on a cleaning kick. My nail and wax area… oh lord. It’s a hot mess. Press samples came in way faster than me being able to purchase helmers and other storage solutions, and I’m trying to fix that. One of the roommates said he saw a mouse run behind my desk (which is where I keep bubble wrap and boxes), and now I’m thoroughly freaked. Once my severance comes in, y’all. It’s on. My setup will be so nice and tidy and ugggggh. Soon!

This week kicks off the final countdown for the start of November’s Polish Pickup and my nerdy little heart is super stoked because this month’s theme is Fandoms. I love getting to see what makers enjoy in addition to nail polish, and knowing that we are into some of the same things makes me happy. That, and I learned that there are a ton of nerdy and geeky makers out there. YES, GOOD. THIS IS WHY WE ARE ALL FRIENDS.

My first Polish Pickup post for the month features a new-to-me brand that digs grey polish as much as I do! Courtney from Rise and Shine Cosmetics opened shop this year and has a knack for shimmers and duochromes (and pretty much every other finish, if we’re being honest here). For her fandom, she chose Justified (and the season 4 promo poster, specifically), and looking at the polish and the image, she brought it to life! I’ve never seen the show, but that’ll probably change at some point since I’m running out of creepy things to watch, hah!

Also, I wanna take a moment to show off the packaging that my swatch kit came in because yo, it’s cute as hell.


Outlaw Ways is described as a silvery grey holo polish with a blue and turquoise shift, both blue and color-shifting flakies, as well as blue and turquoise sparks. Thaaaaaaaat’s a mouthful, but this polish definitely packs a punch! Because it’s got so much going on, it has the tendency to show brushtrokes if you overwork it, but with a delicate hand, it’s just plain lovely in two coats!



Courtney wanted this polish to represent the two men in the show, US Marshal Raylan Givens and outlaw Boyd Crowder – they’re on complete opposite sides of the law, but have a deep connection because of their past. This polish represents where the bright blue and the dark grey meet.





Gorgeous, ain’t it? It’ll be available for preorder starting Friday November 3rd over at the Polish Pickup for $9.95. As always, shipping is a flat $3 for the US and Canada, which means you can stock up on all your fandom favs and not pay an arm and leg for shipping! For previews and all that good stuff from like-minded nerds, be sure to check out the Polish Pickup Pack on FB.

You can also find more of Rise and Shine Cosmetics here:

Thanks for stopping by, y’all! It fills my heart with absolute joy to see everyone so excited about the November theme. Are you excited? Feel free to tell me in the comments what’s on your wishlist, or what you plan on getting!



***The product mentioned in this post was sent to me in exchange for a review and photos, which can be found above.***

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  1. Timothy Olyphant is freaking yummmmmmmmy. Hawt. This polish is really pretty! This is the first I’ve heard of this brand. PP is great exposure for these newer Indies!

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