Season 2 of Stranger Things starts tonight, my dudes. And I’m hella excited. I’ve watched the first season a few times, and I catch something new each time. It’s right up my alley as far as creepy stuffs, so I think there’d be a problem with me if I didn’t enjoy it.

The temps here in Indiana went from 85 last week to 35 right now, and as much as I enjoy it, it has also brought a family of mice seeking warmth in our house. Mark’s brother mentioned yesterday morning that he’d woken up to a furry little critter on his face, but it ran as soon as he moved. Neat. We went to bed around 2am last night, and right as my beloved’s snoring started, I heard it. That tiny little pitter patter on our hard wood floors. I woke him up and we had this plan to shoo it out of our room but that failed as it took a turn and came right for my feet, which made me shriek something fierce. We decided to go downstairs and lay on the sofa and put something on the TV (because we don’t currently have a bed frame). I finally started to drift off and decided that I wanted to lay on the floor because soft squishy couch wasn’t comfy, but having my ribs touching the floor since I’m stomach sleeper was?? I heard Mark flail not 15 minutes later, which set me on high alert. He informed me that a mouse had gone by my hand and I don’t think my chubby ass has ever moved so quickly. Sleep so did not happen last night or this morning. You know what did, however? Finally getting boyface to watch Stranger Things with me! Only took a year, but y’know what? I don’t even care.

But all of that babbling brings me to this here post, because Stranger Things-inspired lacquer makes my heart happy. When I swatched for Fanchromatic Nails last time, Lynae had also sent this topper and I figured it’s the perfect time to share it with the new season starting in 12 minutes.

That was a whole lotta text before getting to pretty pictures, and I’m kinda sorry. But I’m sleep-deprived and craving chocolate so y’all get to suffer with me.

This polish was inspired by Eleven of Stranger Things, and it’s a pretty perfect representation, I think.

It has a “clear base with different sizes and shapes of grey and neon pink glitter, holographic sparkle, and metallic color-changing flakes that shift between green, gold, blue, purple and pink.” For my photos, I paired it with Hydrangea from Moonflower Polish because El’s coat most definitely completes her outfit. Though I usually tend to stay away from toppers, I’ve found myself reaching for this one quite a bit because it’s super pretty over all sorts of different colors.


I’m also pretty pleased to report that this is one coat over Hydrangea. I didn’t have to fish for glitters or anything AND it settled super easily. I did top it with Seche Vite to seal it all up, but that was out of habit, not necessity.



Eleven is available now here for $10 (plus shipping), but there’s only a few bottles left, so you’ve got to snag it soon if you want it.

You can also find Fanchromatic Nails on Instagram and Facebook to see everything that Lynae is getting up to!

Whatcha think? Are any of y’all up anxiously waiting for the season premier? I think I’m gonna hop off of here, make some popcorn, and plop my happy ass down for the next several hours.

Thanks for stopping by!


***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above!***

6 Replies to “Fanchromatic Nails | Eleven

  1. We had a mouse problem when our neighbor’s grass was as high as my thighs. Gross moment when I heard the damn thing crawling over the dishes in the dishwasher. Had me on edge the rest of the night.
    This topper is really cute!

  2. Gorgeous topper. I grabbed my first Fanchromatic polishes at this year’s PolishCon Chicago and I’m really loving them.

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