Evening loves! Man, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Right after my last post, I left for SoCal for my aunt’s funeral. It was a super last-minute thing, and I’m eternally grateful for the kind words and and unwavering understanding from all of the makers that were okay with everything getting pushed back a week and a half. It was wonderful to be back home, even if for a sad reason. It’d been 12 years, and I missed it lots. I had the chance to see family and friends that I honestly didn’t think I’d see again. I hope that Mark and I can move out there some time in the future, he’d love it and there would be SO many IT opportunities for us both!

But, enough about that, I’ve got three beautiful polishes to share tonight before I head off to bed where I’ll attempt to fall asleep for the next 6 hours and then nod off as my alarms go off. Good times, yeah? Yeah!

Tee over at Necessary Evil Polish is a huge lover of Halloween like I am, and created this kickass trio, and they’re totally giving me life. Ready to see them?

First up is Poltergeist Shart (that name, y’all. ugly laughter each damn time I read it). It’s a clear polish with hella glow in the dark pigment, scattered holo, and blue opalescent flakies. It can be worn by itself, or as a topper. My photos show it solo, but I plan to art with it over some pretty cremes. Eventually™. I wore it in three thin coats plus top coat and I actually kinda really dig it! I mean, sure, my nails are stained and all that jazz, but those flakies are damn delicious. Also, I suck at GITD photos. I made an attempt, okay?


Vampire’s Kiss; a black to red thermal with scattered holo, gunmetal black flakies, and red flakies and oh my lord, I love it! It’s one or the more unique thermals out there, and it’s got some serious depth in both the warm and cold states. The base is almost like a crelly, so it’s a bit on the sheerer side, but I only needed two coats plus top coat and I was good to go! Also, it transitions like a BOSS, dudes. Seriously.


Werewolves and Silver Bullets; an antiqued metallic bronze with tons of spectraflair, copper UCC flakies, as well as both black and platinum flakies. WaSB is the ultimate autumn polish, with all sorts of flair, and I am absolutely loving it. I need all of the browns! I’m kicking myself for destashing the few that I owned a few years ago. My damn muggle ass was ignorant as all hell at that point. But this polish is totally helping me make up for it. Because it’s got a metallic base, if you overwork it, brush strokes can appear, but I didn’t have any issues – it went on in two smooth coats and settled easily. I am absolutely in love!


I really really like this trio – they’re all unique and bring something different to the typical Halloween colors that we’d see around this time of the year. They’re all available now here for $11 each (plus shipping). While you’re in her shop, be sure to check out her other stuff! California Autumn Sunset is one of my most favorite thermals ever, and it’s perfect for fall!

So, whatcha think?

Also don’t forget that Necessary Evil Polish is also on Facebook and starting out on Instagram, too!

I’m going to try and get some sleep, aka read all of the NoSleep stories on Reddit until daybreak. Thanks for stopping by, y’all!


***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above!***

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  1. I neeeeed Vampire’s Kiss. I had that same thermal transition from a maker who shall not be named and it didn’t transition properly. That is my hg thermal color, so I’m determined to own it!

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