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Hey loves! I hope y’all have had a great weekend so far! I’ve been watching The Magicians and napping and reading and it’s been glorious. I could totally get used to not working for the rest of forever. …just kidding. I feel hella useless, haha. It is a nice break for sure, though. Gives me plenty of time to work on alllll the blog things, annoy the nerds, and not clean the house. I’m slacking on tub journeys though. I need to fix that…

Anywho. Remember when I blogged about that gorgeous Alzheimer’s Awareness Polish a few weeks back? Well, Taylor from Wildflower Lacquer and I have been speaking almost daily since then, and she’s a damn doll. I’ve been showing her the ways of the indie world between peel-off base coats and acetone additives, it’s way more fun that in probably should be. She’s also a night owl like I am, so it’s super nice having someone to talk with at 5am when sleep just isn’t happening. Before I left for Chicago, Taylor asked me if I’d be interested in swatching her Halloween trio and there was no way that I could turn her down. No way in hell, y’all.

The Holo-Ween Trio is what we’ll be taking a look at tonight! It’s made up of three vampy holos and I’m SO in love. It’s available now because I’m a day late and a damn dollar short, but there’s still plenty left for you fine folks to snag for them digits!

Holo-Witchy; a dark purple with linear holo. Oh. Oh. This one is so much more than a linear holo – there’s this gorgeous dark blue shimmer that comes through in some lighting. I’m not even remotely ashamed to admit that I drooled while photographing it. It’s a touch on the sheer side (only compared to the other two in the set), so I needed a 3rd coat for my VNL but I’m certain that most will be able to get away with two. There’s a chance that I went just a touch too thin on my first coat.


Tales from the Holo-Crypt; a grey creme polish with strong gold shimmer and linear holo. You guys. YOU GUYS. I would love nothing more than to pour this all over my body and just bask in it. You’re SO welcome for that mental image. Right. So. This one is absolutely delectable. That gold shimmer is such a unique twist on a warm grey. Ugh, I love it. This one went on in two thin coats and settled beautifully. It’s a little bit on the thicker side with all of the pigment, but I had no issues with application.


Grim-Holo Reaper; a black creme with linear holo. Y’all. I will NEVER tire of black holos. It’s crazy. You’d think that there’s only so many ways they can go. But nope. This one is inky and devoid of those pesky feelins’ like death itself, but the sparkle from the holo cuts through like Death’s scythe. It’s super opaque in one coat, but I added a second because I went thin in one dumb spot by mistake and couldn’t handle unevenness, even if it didn’t show in photos.


This trio is seriously giving me life, y’all. I vote that we have Halloween all year, especially with holos like these. Do you have a favorite? Are you ready for October? 5 MINUTES, MY FRIENDS. 5 MINUTES.

You can grab these individually for $10 (full size) each OR order all three for $25 total. Also, there may or may not be a discount code for members of the For the Love of Wildflower Lacquer Facebook group. I highly suggest that y’all join us over there!

Thanks for stopping by, loves! With the month of Halloween starting, I need to prepare. AKA buy all the candy corn and continue watching scary movies over and over.

***The products mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for a review and photos, which can be found above.***

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