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Y’all, this is going to be a quick and dirty review because there’s SO MANY PRETTIES. There’s going to be a ton of photos as well as probably too much babble because we know I suck at keeping things concise. I had planned on this going up earlier, but my internal clock is still all sorts of off since Chicago. So uh… Ooops! I’ve been trying to catch back up on swatches, but had to redo some that were completed before the trip because I managed to break a nail at PC last weekend. Thanks, universe. Deadlines are more like loose guidelines, right?

In addition to that gorgeous multichrome I shared last night, Lindsay also created a beautiful 9 piece collection just in time for autumn! It’s made up of 6 vampy cremes and 3 magical toppers – the collection has been aptly named In the Dark of the Night and I’m so in love! They’re all available now so while you scroll on through, you can make your shopping list, yeah? YEAH BUDDY.

Just to save myself some time and ensure that I don’t annoy y’all with the same statement over and over, each swatch shows these at two coats plus top coat. The toppers were just one coat over the color I paired them with. It’s also worth noting that these are super pigmented. Because of this, staining is possible. I didn’t have any issues with my nails pulling any color because of the base coat that I use – I definitely recommend one for any and all manis. Definitely helps! My skin did take on a tiny bit of pigment during cleanup, but it came off easily once I went to wash my hands.


Don’t Lose Your Head; a blackened orange creme inspired the headless horseman’s pumpkin head.


Bite Me; a blackened blood red creme inspired by vampires.


Cackle Much?!; a blackened purple creme inspired by witches.


Just Creepin’; a blackened blue creme inspired by the boogeyman.


Dead Inside; a blackened green creme inspired by zombies.


Howl At The Moon; a dark grey creme inspired by werewolves. HELLO, FAVORITE. I LOVE YOU SO.


Just Like Magic; a linear holographic topper.



Lookin’ Shifty; a topper with a gold/green/red chameleon shift.



Potion Bubbles; a topper packed full of various sizes of lime/gold & orange/green iridescent shifting glitters.



I really love this whole collection, between the inspiration and the formulas, I’m SO here for this! I’m currently watching Noroi: The Curse and it fits perfectly in with these blackened shades! Lindsay has totally mastered the creme formula – they’re ALMOST crellies, but a bit more opaque and they go on so damn smoothly. I can’t even, my dudes. Truly.

I’ve also been told that they stamp and watermarble, so I’ll be testing that out for myself in the next week or so.

This collection is available now here and you have a few options for snagging it:

  • Full collection – $58 for all 9 – 3 toppers and 3 cremes
  • 6 cremes only – $38
  • Individually for $7 each – Just Like Magic will be $9

As always, my discount code for 10% off will work with this collection! TGOB10 is what you’ll need to enter during check out. While you’re there, make sure you snag some wax. I may or may not have ordered some because Nightfall is just SO GOOD.

Don’t forget to check out the Night Owls Just Wanna Get Lacquered Up facebook group and Night Owl Lacquer’s instagram as well!


So, what’s on your list? Have you already placed your order? So many pretties!


***The products mentioned in this post was sent to me in exchange for a review and photos, which can be found above.***


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