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My little owlets! I’ve missed y’all dearly! I’ve been back from Chicago for a few days and I’m still completely wiped. I’ve slept WAY more than I probably should have and still haven’t had the chance to go through my Polish Con haul. Times is hard, y’all. So hard. It was a wonderful trip, but I’m more than happy to be home. I missed Mark and his sass way too much. I’m excited, though, because I have a TON of gorgeous things from PC to share in the next few weeks.

Before we get into that, though, I’ve got some amazing new things from my love Lindsay over at Night Owl Lacquer! Her 1 year anniversary as a brand is coming up and I don’t have nearly enough words for how excited I am. Over the last year, while swatching for the brand, I’ve gotten to know her and I’m thrilled to call her one of my best friends. Seeing her brand grow as much as it has has been nothing short of rewarding, and her anniversary polish is a step into something new that I think everyone will love. I’m super proud.

Her anniversary polish is named Nightfall, and oh my lord.  Lindsay describes it as a violet to red to orange to gold multichrome with scattered holo and full of holographic micro flakies. It goes on in two buttery smooth coats and is totally swoon-worthy. It perfectly emulates nightfall as the sky changes and stars start to appear as the day comes to an end. Beautiful doesn’t even come close to touching what this lacquer truly is.


I know, I know. That’s a shit ton of photos. But seriously? Look at the shift! It completely transforms the polish. Bottled divinity. Truly.



Lindsay is also dipping her toes in the waters of smelly good things in the form of wax and so far, I’m loving it all! All orders that include Nightfall will include a 1oz wax sample of the same name. There’s no official date for them being added to the shop, but you guys are going to want to try it, especially if you love outdoorsy scents! I’ve been hoarding this one because it is everything I could ever want. I’m terrible at describing things, so keep that in mind, but here goes: the number one note I pick up is fresh balsam. It’s not Christmassy in any way, but just like a refreshing walk through a Christmas tree farm at dusk, with a very nicely cologned up dudeman at your side. Do like. This is going to be the Night Owl signature scent and y’all already know I’m going to have backups on backups of it.




Mooooooving on. Y’all will be able to grab Nightfall and the free wax sample for $12 (plus shipping) starting tomorrow, September 29th at 8pm MST over at

Oh! And as a reminder, my discount code (non-affiliate) is still active! You can use TGOB10 for 10% off any order in the shop. Aww.Yiss.COOOOPINS.

Don’t forget to check out the Night Owls Just Wanna Get Lacquered Up facebook group and Night Owl Lacquer’s instagram as well!


Whatcha think? Where are all my multichrome lovers at!?


Okay, okay. Enough questions of the rhetoric kind and caps. I’m going to get back to swatching and figure out the foods situation. Thanks for stopping by, y’all!

***The products mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for a review and photos, which can be found above.***

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  1. That wax sounds delightful. I enjoy fresh scents when they aren’t too… piney? The more they smell like Christmas tree and the less they smell like Pinesol the better =)

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