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Hey loves! I hope y’all are all doing well on this balmy Tuesday evening! Instead of packing like I probably should have, I took a nap and it was glorious. Now I’m up and editing and swatching and listening to the boyfriend play the new Marvel game on his arcade-like fight stick. He’s entirely too cute for me, and I’m going to miss him something fierce all weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, LynBDesigns will be launching a fantastic 9 piece collection at Polish Con. They’ll be there and discounted for the convention, and then will go up online on the 30th. Keep reading if you’d like to see more of the You’re Punny Collection!

Once and Future Green; a deep ivy green with intense linear holo. This is such a regal shade and it’s totally perfect for the holidays! It went on almost fully opaque in one coat, but I added one more just to make sure everything leveled out (not that that was a concern!) before adding top coat. But just look at that holo flame! Yum!


Fringe with Benefits; a deep teal jelly with holo flakes and lavender and purple galaxy holo. For having a jelly base, this one went on in two coats with full coverage! Look just how squishy it is! The glitters added a tiny bit of texture, but one coat of Seche Vite smoothed it out easily.


Peanut Butter and Jealous; a deep wine jelly with bronze shimmer, glitter, and holo. Jennalyn, the name you chose for this one is spot on! Those bronze glitters definitely are like peanut butter swirled in with jelly on some toast. Annnnnd that now sounds good. It might be time for a food break. BUT before that, these photos show two coats plus top coat to settle out the glitters. It’s squishy and vampy all packed in one little bottle. I love it so!


Strawberry Feels; a bright red jelly with color shifting iridescent glitter, pinky-red sparkle, and micro holo shimmer. Another aptly named polish! It’s a beautifully squishy red with a ton of depth. I needed three coats, but that’s just with my dark VNL.


Je Ne Sais Coffee; a deep espresso brown linear holo with holo flakes as well as a smattering of orange to green iridescent glitter. Oh my god, you guys. This one might be favorite. Maybe. Could be my own personal lack of coffee driving that force, but I’ll take it! It went on in one coat and looks just stunning both with and without top coat.


Synonym Rolls; a cinnamon crelly base with gold and bronze glass flecks and holo shimmer. The gold in this one speaks to my soul, and the name speaks to my growling stomach. The crelly base in this went on beautifully in two coats and settled quickly even with the flakie flecks. Do like!


Shrimply the Best; a shrimpy colored crelly base with red glass fleck and shimmer that shifts from red to yellow to orange. Ahhhh, this coral! A color I never ever thought I’d like on me, and yet I’m loving this one totally. The shimmer is mind-blowingly beautiful, especially with the color building up with a second coat.


Lobster Tunity; inspired by an iridescent lobster, bold color shift with holo sparkle in a lobstery jelly base. Not gonna lie, the name of this one threw me off at first, but now knowing the inspiration? It’s totally fitting! The taupey grey is just delightful. It has a teeny tiny bit of texture at two coats, but adding top coat helped smooth it all out.


The Snuggle is Real; inspired by a snuggly blanket, it’s a medium toned grey with holo flakes, taupey pink shimmer, and gold flakes. I take back favoritsies about the holos. This one is it. It’s the perfect intro for autumn and those flakies are incredible. My photos show two coats plus top coat!


Aren’t these gorgeous? If you’re going to be at Polish Con on Saturday, you’ll be able to grab these for $7 each or $10 a piece online on the 30th. Alternatively, if you want all 9 and are waiting until they go up online, there’s going to be a code to get the full set for $45 with free shipping, so make sure you keep an eye on the LynBDesigns social medias!

Okay, time for wine and swatching before packing and laundry. Thanks for stopping by, dudes!

***The nail polishes mentioned in this post was sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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