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Good evening! We’re just a few days away from Chicago Polish Con and I can’t wait! I’m meeting up with Kaylyna on Thursday after she flies in and then we’re driving up for the weekend. SO EXCITED! It’s going to be a nice vacation and a much needed distraction that’s a lot better than sleeping WAY too much, right? Now I just need to get through the next few days and hope that I A) don’t forget anything and B) get as much swatching done as possible. Guess it’s a good thing I’m off work right now, haha!

For Fall 2017 (which is in 4 days, you guys. F O U R D A Y S. This is not a drill.), Octopus Party Nail Lacquer has a 5 piece set inspired by Haitian Vodou that’ll go up for preorder on the 20th (well, all but one, but I’ll explain that here in a minute). These 5 polishes speak to my creepy little soul, and they’re perfect for the upcoming witchy season!

Mambo Jumbo; a yellow linear holographic with gold/bronze flakies and multichrome pink/gold flakies. This one is super LE – it’s not a part of the preorder and there are only 35 bottles that will be available. With my VNL, this one was a little sheer on me so I used three coats. Mambo went on super smoothly and settled beautifully after each coat. I love that it’s not a bright yellow, but not also quite gold. Almost like the yellow that leaves turn during the fall, if that makes sense. For a non-yellow lover, I’m absolutely obsessed with this polish.


Run This Bayou; a green iridescent topper with green/gold and yellow/green shifting flakies, multichrome copper/gold/olive flakies, and green/teal shifting pigment. What a delicious topper, my word! I swatched it solo, over a turquoise creme, and then also over black. It’s magical, and completely changes depending on the base! The solo shot is three coats plus TC and then just one coat over the cremes (plus TC).


Psychopomp; a violet jelly with blue/indigo shifting pigment and multi-colored iridescent flakies. This one can be worn in 3-4 coats solo or as a topper. I wore it by itself using three coats and then did one coat of it over a purple creme. I’m kinda blown away – the purple that I used, in the bottle, had a base SUPER similar to the shade of Psychopomp. But when I layered it over the top, it made the creme look WAY darker. MAGIC SHIT, Y’ALL.


Favourite Worst Nightmare; a dark navy jelly with holo flakies. This one was a custom for Octosquad member Trina E. You guys. FWN is squishy and vampy and sparkly (not to be confused with Twilight vampires, ugh). It has an insane amount of depth thanks to the jelly base. It’s almost like looking at a night sky and I’d love nothing more than to dance within this universe. My photos show two coats plus top coat.


The 5th polish is Hex-Girlfriend, which is a blue iridescent topper with fuschia/blue iridescent and multichrome flakies, blue flakies, and purple/indigo shifting pigment. I do not have photos of this one, but I have it on pretty good authority that it’s gorgeous as all get out. The Polished Hippy has photos of it in this post for your viewing pleasure.

These will be available this Wednesday, the 20th at 9pm EST over at! Are there any gorgeous lacquers from this collection that are on your shopping list?

I’m going to see about knocking out some swatches before bed tonight and watch reruns of The Magicians. Sounds pretty awesome, aw yiss! Thanks for stopping by, my dudes!


***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above!***

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