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Hihi! I hope allllllll y’all are well! I’m currently watching The Killing and finishing out my final work week as an Agent and swatching my little heart out before Polish Con on the 23rd. Speaking of, I need some good juju. All of my nails broke. Way. Far. Down. I’m oiling them up as much as I can as well as making sure I eat my hair and nails vitamin gummy because I don’t want nubbies for the convention. I actually reswatched one of the polishes that you’re going to see tonight because I wanted matching lengths. The best part? I had to file them down even more AFTER these photos. Now I’m hoping that they grow out at least a little before the convention.

Bah. Shit sucks and then you die, right? Anywho, pretty shiny things just in time for fall! Necessary Evil Polish is back on my blog tonight with some beautiful offerings!

Thermals. Holos. Glitter. I mean. What else could you possibly want during hoodie and PSL season? Tee has you covered on all bases, and they’re all absolutely fantastic.

First up is California Autumn Sunset, a red to mustard yellow (that leans orange) thermal with gold holo glitter and UCC flakies galore. I love how squishy this one is – it’s almost like there’s a crelly component to the base and the flakes just float perfectly. Does that make sense? I hope so. My photos show two coats plus top coat. I’m going to add a photo from when my nails were longer so that you can see the full transition because it truly is like a fall sunset in NorCal.


Caramel Facking apple; a metallic bronzy orange with added spectraflair as well as green and red holo microglitters. This one is LE because of the pigments, so once it’s gone, it’s gone! It went on just a touch streaky, but that’s just the nature of metallics. I had no issues with application and the glitter settled nicely with the second coat and top coat.


Pumpkin Spice; an antiqued bronze shade with an ungodly (and perfect) amount of spectraflair with just a tiny bit of bronze UCC flakies. I could not stop staring at my nails while this was on. The formula was buttery smooth and just so friggen gorgeous. I love that it’s not a full on brown or orange or anything like that. It is just unique, and perfect for fall. My photos show two coats and top coat.


Don’t these just make you want to break out those UGG boots and Han Solo vests? I won’t judge you if you’re nodding your head yes right about now.

These should all be available now, so go go go! Well, I think PS has to be added, but that should be happening shortly. So, in approximately shortly™, go go go!

Tee’s shop can be found here,, and don’t forget that Necessary Evil Polish is also on Facebook and starting out on Instagram, too.

Thanks for stopping by, loves! Can’t wait to see these pretties on all y’all’s nails!

***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above!***

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