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It’s Sunday, y’all! Which means I’m missing Game of Thrones until I’m off in four hours. Being a blogger that posts in a lot of groups on facebook is dangerous territory when it comes to spoilers. I’ve got Nurse Jackie going and looking for hypoglycemic-friendly meal prep ideas. Pretty okay Sunday, yeah?

For this nightly review, I’ve got something a little different, but equally as exciting! I know y’all know how much I love my baths, or tub journeys, as Mark calls them. It’s how I wind down at night, usually take my Kindle, light a candle, and just soak. I’m always on the hunt for bath bombs, bubble bars, tea soaks, you name it, I want it. I’m terrible at putting on lotion and drinking enough water to keep my skin healthy, sooooo in my brain, this helps a little.

Karen over at Lollipop Posse Lacquer is getting ready to launch some total kickass foaming bubble bars, and you guys. I’ve been playing with them since the package came in the mail, and I am in love. Honestly.

I’ll share the photos that I’ve taken first and give y’all my thoughts and then include the info for the launch and the scents that’ll be available. Ready?

Karen sent me two sample bars in the scents Original Sin and In the Bath of Milk and Honey as well as a full size in Cotton Candy Chaos. When I opened the package, I was a bit worried about the scents because they were this weird blend, and I’m super sensitive to smells BUT, once I took them out, I was pleasantly surprised!

I played with the sample sizes first. The first night, I used half of Original Sin. I just wanted a quick soak, I was tired, I had a migraine starting, and I couldn’t cool down. Holy wow, it was awesome! The water turned a light grey, it was super moisturizing, and smelled SO good! And for half of a sampler, it put out a ton of bubbles! Also, it’s super weird watermarking photos of my claw tub. WHICH BY THE WAY, MY LITTLE LEGS STRUGGLE TO GET IN AND OUT OF.


Now before you see this next photo, keep in mind that I took these out of their wrappings for photos and then placed them in little baggies until I planned to use them. They come individually shrink-wrapped and I wanted no glare in my photos, so I got them nekkid. I had the two samples in one bag together, so there’s just a few little OS crumblies on In the Bath of Milk and Honey. It didn’t alter the scent at all, just added a bit of extra color.



While supplies last, Karen will also be including little organza bags, which are PERFECT for holding the bars under running water without worrying about them crumbling away. You can also use tea strainers, just make sure they dry out fully so you avoid them getting rusty. But it’s super easy, just hold it under the warm (or hot, but not too hot) water and BAM. HELLA BUBBLES.


This tub journey, my dudes, was a 13/10. The water was soft and silky and smelled wonderful. I seriously didn’t want to get out.


I’ve been saving my full size of Cotton Candy Chaos because the smell is like… holy shit, amazing. I pick up on watermelon, and it’s just so good. The best part? That size is good for 4-5 baths. You just cut it up and store the other pieces for later use. Later use for me being me probably ugly crying after Game of Thrones tonight.

And now for the official details. I’m going to copypasta them because I fail at words.

Foaming Bath Bar FAQ

1. When will the foaming bath bars release on the website? How much will they cost?
The Foaming Bath Bars will launch on the Lollipop Posse Lacquer website on Wednesday, August 30th, at 7 PM EDT. Each bar is approximately 5 oz and will retail for $7 plus shipping. Foaming Bath Bar samples will not be available for sale at this time, but will be included as order “freebies” while supplies last. Pouches for the bubble bars will also be included with orders while supplies last.
2. How do I use a foaming bath bar?
To use a foaming bath bar, cut off a small part of the bar (1/4 to 1/3) and place in the provided pouch. Hold and crumble under running water to create yummy, long-lasting bubbles! Don’t have a pouch? No worries! Just use your hands to crumble the foaming bath bar. Some tips for bigger and better bubbles:
  • Use toasty warm (but not too hot – ouch!) water
  • You’ll get more bubbles if the water is running fast
  • Agitate the water with your hand to create more bubbles
3. How many baths can I get out of one foaming bath bar?
One ~5 oz. foaming bath bar is enough for up to four baths, depending on how much bubble action you want!Foaming bath bar samples are enough for one bath, and are a great way to test a new-to-you fragrance.

4. Are these safe for my kiddos?
Yes! Please make sure to check the ingredient list for known allergies, but my 7 year old son absolutely LOVES a cotton candy scented bubble bath ;-) Just be careful – the moisturizing oils might make the tub a bit slippery!

Foaming Bath Bar Scent List

For our initial foaming bath bar launch, we will have four scents available. More scents will be added soon, with some fun Polish Con scents on the way as well! Each scent will come in the shape of an ice cream scoop or a special, decorative molded shape. Each individual foaming bath bar will be ~5 oz, enough for 1 – 4 baths.

Cotton Candy Chaos: Inspired by our Road to Polish Con shade of the same name, Cotton Candy Chaos is a scoop of bubble fun that smells wonderfully sweet and delightful! Colored in various shades of pink, Cotton Candy Chaos brings to mind the lovely spun sugar treat and sticky sweetness of an afternoon at the fair.

Zen and Zest: This particular scent is our personal favorite. This purple and orange foaming bath bar features a scent profile of deep, smoky patchouli accented with the juicy zing of orange peel. It’s truly a different and unique fragrance, and one that we spent a lot of time perfecting!

Original Sin: Original Sin is a black and red foaming bath scoop with top notes of green and red apples, middle accents of raspberry, peach blossoms, and orchid, and grounding notes of nag champa, jasmine, and musk. Original Sin is complex and tempting – each sniff truly brings a different aspect of the scent profile to your nose.

In the Bath of Milk and Honey: In the Bath of Milk and Honey is a truly relaxing and renewing treat. The cream and purple colored bath square is delicately scented with the aroma of hawthorne, creamy french vanilla, nutty almond, and a slight splash of lavender buds and sage.

If I had to pick a favorite scent so far, I’d go with Original Sin. I pick up on apple mostly and it’s delicious. It’s fruity and refreshing.
So, what say you? Are you a fan of tub journeys too?
Keep an eye on the Lollipop Posse Lacquer website on Wednesday and while you’re there, you should check out some of their gorgeous polishes! I Felt You Like Electric Light is a personal favorite (also from one of my favorite Bush songs, too!), and you need it in your life.
***The products mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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  1. I didn’t know there was another way to put the bath bomb in the tub…I’ve never seen anyone use an organza bag. I just toss it in.

    1. Well, these don’t fizz like bath bombs, they’re like solidified bubble bath. Tossing it in, it’d break down and you’d get the oils from it, but it wouldn’t get all bubbly :)

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