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Hihi! Hope you fine folks are having a lovely Thursday evening! Remember that nap from yesterday? Yeah, it wrecked me. I didn’t sleep last night. MISTAKES WERE MADE, Y’ALL. I’m working for a few more hours and then off for two days, so that’s not too bad. Boyfriend works the overnights this weekend (they’re currently putting the store back together from GenCon), so I’m hoping we can have some time to hang out and maybe play Rockband tomorrow. Aw yisssss.

But, before I wrap up my shift, run around in Guild Wars 2, and have a nice tub journey before knocking out, I’ve got a kickass trio from my bestie Lindsay over at Night Owl Lacquer that’s launching tomorrow night. So, sit back, stare at the photos, and put some awesome tunes on. Might I recommend Style Like You by GoldFord? That’s good shit. We’ve got hella babble and a discount code, so scroll on!

Lindsay loves to go camping with her family, and so she created this trio based on that. I haven’t been camping in years, and I miss it something serious. Used to go up to Lake Juliette in Georgia, good times folks. Good times.


So, first up is Glowing Embers ($9); it is described as a bright fiery red full of bright blue and gold sparks, red-gold micro flakies and charcoal flakies. This one, while on the thinner side, went on in two buttery smooth coats and had awesome coverage. Looking at it definitely makes me think of a night time campfire! It’s gorgeous!


May the Forest Be With You ($10); a duochrome that shifts green to brown with gold to green shifting UCC flakies and scattered galaxy holo micro glitters. With each brush stroke, I made inhuman squeals. Holy sweet baby jesus, this duochrome is life. It’s a perfect two coater and absolutely glows. Those flakies. Ugh. DED. It’s perfect for the name – it shifts to this perfect brown, and is just like the forest. LINDSAY, YOU DUN GOOD.


Shooting Stars ($10.50); a deep velvety blackened blue linear holo with silver micro shreds and silver holographic shreds. OKAY PREPARE FOR MORE SQUEALS. I mean, or not. Since you’re not here in my gameroom/mani cave/wax cavern/workspace. But just trust me. I need Lindsay to make both more cremes and more holos. And duochromes. And just everything. She’s just so good. But this one? Oh my word, it’s just swirly and inky and beautiful. Also, there’s a song that someone showed me in high school that I think of each time I read the name on the bottle. Go on, listen. It makes my heart happy.  Annnnd back to the polish. Shooting Stars is so wonderfully opaque (but not overly thick) that my photos show just one coat and top coat. Neato, yeah?


This trio has to be one of my favorites from Lindsay, especially since she and I both love camping. It’s the perfect way to end the summer. These three will be available tomorrow night, August 25th at 8pm MST here. You can grab them individually at the prices listed in the description, or you can grab them as a set for $27 plus shipping.

In case you’re new to the blog, my readers have also been given their very own discount code! You can use TGOB10 for 10% off any order. This isn’t an affiliate code, just something nice for the little owlets.

While you’re checking out the shop, make sure you stop on by the Night Owls Just Wanna Get Lacquered Up Facebook group, as well as the NOL Instagram page!

Thanks for stopping by, my loves!

***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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