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Evening loves! I hope all y’all had a lovely week with minimal monday-feely-weekdays. I feel like I worked a ton and yet did nothing. YAY for moving to a 4 10hr shift work schedule! I swatched quite a bit, so y’all will be seeing that stuff soon, but I also played a TON of Guild Wars 2. They recently announced the next expansion and they’re ADDING MOUNTS. The beta is up and the first one they’re demoing is A MAGNIFICENT DOGGO RAPTOR. Please hold for gifs. Because I ugly happy cried running around all day with mine. I. Can’t. Wait.

But but but I know y’all aren’t here for that. I just couldn’t help but share. Mark plays too, and he’s excited, but he’s not nearly as into these daggum raptordoggos as I am. ANYWHO. I’ve got the new Bohemian Dreams Collection by JulieG from Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics to share tonight! There’s 6 GORGEOUS cremes with LE wood-grain-esque handles, and they are, in my opinion, the perfect transition into autumn. Just so I’m not repeating myself, these are all nearly one-coaters. I went back for a second on each just to level everything out, but these are deliciously opaque in one coat.


Harmony; a cool-toned lavender creme. This one almost looks warm? Yes. That’s a question mark because I’m asking you. Here, my friends, you can tell that I have no background in color theory. at. all. The formula, though, was probably the easiest out of all of these. It almost leaned toward being a crelly. Almost.


Eden; a gorgeous olive shade. Holy shitballs, this one is my favorite out of all of them. It was a tiny bit streaky, and a bit difficult to work with with it being a bit thinner, but once I added top coat, it leveled out pretty well.


Faith; a warm berry creme. What a friggen stunner! This one also had a killer formula and went on super smooth! No issues with pooling or dragging and just look how it leveled out!


Henna; a cool-toned mauve/purple/taupe amalgamation. For whatever reason, it showed up WAY darker on my camera than in real life, so keep that in mind if you snag this one. It looks a lot closer to the bottle color in the first photo. Either way, it’s the perfect shade to channel your inner 90s broody self. This one I managed to overwork a little but only because I went too thin from the first application, but it was pretty forgiving with the second coat and top coat.



Aria; a cool-toned berry creme. Almost a magenta, I’d say. I have no clue, though. I work on computers for a living. I know about as much as Jon Snow. Gorgeous color, but slightly wonky formula. It went on a bit thicker and leveled out pretty well, but I had a few bubbles come up. Nothing too bad, though!


Karma; a cool and rich sky blue creme. Is that even possible? I vote yes. Another absolute stunner in the bunch, and even though the formula was a bit streaky, I’m totally willing to forgive it in exchange for the color. None of these stained, but I feel way more inclined to let y’all know specifically that this one did not. Ugh, it’s so effing pretty.


Oh, and these watermarble! I only tried one nail because I wound up mucking up the design while trying to pull off my barrier, but I tried a few different designs in the water. They spread super easily and were a total breeze to work with!


Overall, I’m loving the collection. These rich shades are all the perfect jewel tones and they’re so opaque that I’m pretty sure they’d stamp. I’ll have to test it out. But you can snag these online for $3.99 each, or at a local Rite-Aid for the same price. They’re pretty kickass, even if I had some issues with the formulas. Cremes have never been my favorite because I haven’t mastered the application, but the more I try them, the more I fall in love. I’ll definitely keep playing with these because they’re just begging for some autumn art.

Also, after looking on the Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics website, I’ve found that you can grab all six for $9.95 (plus shipping). I have no idea how long they’ll be available at that price, so you might want to snap them up now if you’re planning to!

Are there any that catch your eye? Are you as ready for fall as I am? I’ll go ahead and drop some info for the brand below and then I’m going to head back over to GW2 and run around on my doggoraptor. I greatly appreciate y’all stopping by, and for putting up with hella photos and goofy babble. Have a great weekend!

You can also find more on the brand through these links:



***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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  1. Awesome blog post. I love the way you write exactly how you think. It’s so refreshing to see a blog written this way. Keep up the great work. I look forward to future blog posts from you!!

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