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It is the most Mondayest Friday to ever Friday. About 5 blocks on our street are blocked off due to them tearing up the roads, so no traffic will be going in front of our house for a few weeks. I like it, especially considering how busy our little neighborhood is. All week, I’ve had swatch mail and takeout (okay, just one night for pizza, but still) delivered without any issues. The USPS decided to deliver mail today, but included a little peach slip stating that they had no access to the front of the house to drop off the pillows that I ordered (that should have been here three days ago)… The sidewalks aren’t blocked. And I mean. If they were, how would they have slipped the mail in the box on our porch?!


Like. Listen, I know you deliver an actual shit ton of mail, and you’re probably sick of my daily packages but I ordered pillows because ours are flat and not doing any sort of good and I JUST WANTED NEW PILLOWS TO USE ON OUR CLEAN SHEETS AFTER SHAVING MY LEGS LIKE IS THAT SO WRONG

Alright. Meltdown complete. Mostly. Tub journey for woosah is much needed after work. Might include some spoons of vanilla frosting for sanity. MOVING ON.

I’ve got two gorgeous polishes from Necessary Evil Polish‘s California Dreaming Collection, and I’m super excited because I’m most definitely homesick for SoCal. Tee just returned from her vacation abroad, and she’s already back in the lab creating more pretties. You guys are going to love them, I’m sure!

First up is Hella Bay Area ($11), and it’s this delicious almost squishy neon orange with scattered holo and blue flakies. I’m going to start a petition to have Tee include “hella” in each of her polish names. The twang may be strong with me, but so is the hella. This polish, though. You guys. It’s perfect and mostly opaque in one coat. I went back and added a second, but moreso out of habit. I’m absolutely in love with this shade, and I feel extra cute with it on!


Next up is Beach Boardwalk ($10), a beautiful solar-reactive neon coral with holo and UCC flakies that takes on a violet/bluish hue once in the sun.

AND THERE’S A BUG WITH ELEVENTY MILLION LEGS NEAR MY DESK OH MY GOD PLEASE HOLD  …now I can’t find it. Lord help me. I should probably finish this post before it either eats me alive or I burn the house down. Anna, if you’re reading this, you get my nail polish collection.

Okay, back to the polish. With my skin tone, it pulled this gorgeous peachy shade, and for some reason I automatically think of smoothies each time I see this one. I don’t know. It’s beyond beautiful and the perfect shade for summer. My photos show two coats plus top coat! I also added some sun shots, but I failed at those and you really only see the transition in the bottle because lighting is hard. It transitions super easily despite what my photos show, just trust me.



These two are available for order now, so while I’m scrubbing myself and pretending that I’m not itchy all over, you’re going to want to grab them. It’s my dying wish. Go on. They purdy.

Tee’s shop can be found here,, and don’t forget that Necessary Evil Polish is also on Facebook and starting out on Instagram, too!


Thanks for stopping by!


***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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