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Evenin’ folks! I’m back, a little later than normal, but I think y’all might forgive me after you see this collection. Mark had to work today, naturally, on my day off, which means it became laundry day. eBash is pretty close to the laundromat, so I could walk over to put stuff in the dryer and all that. Not bad. Well, y’know. Aside from it being 98 with a real feel of 109 like wtfevenisworld?! I wound up wasting three dollars worth of quarters because the first dryer I chose wasn’t heating, which meant far too many trips in the heat because, me being me, I didn’t learn the first time to just bring quarters with me. Annoying at best, ugh. BUT! I did win a 4-day ticket badge thingy to GenCon in a few weeks! I’m pretty excited, and glad I took time off work just in case. I need someone to hide my debit card and make sure I have no cash because my ass will come home with a shit ton of d20s in allllll sorts of colors.

Anywho! I have another release for this Friday that you’re all gonna love. LynBDesigns created 9 (yes. N I N E.) beautiful holos that are so buttery smooth, oh my god. This is going to be super photo-heavy, so let’s get into it, yeah?

To save y’all from reading the same thing over and over, these all went on in two super smooth coats (aside from one, which only needed one more with my VNL – I’ll let you know which). There were absolutely no formula issues and they just… This is the perfect formula for holographic polishes, honestly. Not too thick, not too thin. No pooling. No streaking. Just, perfection. So, all photos show two coats (aside from that one) with top coat.


You Win Some, You Blues Some; a deep navy linear holo. DUDES. I love that this one wasn’t too dark, so that the color wasn’t lost within the holographic goodness, if that makes sense. Inky inky gorgeousness.


Why Not Take Olive Me; an olive green linear holo. This one is just delicious. I love green olives and I love olive green. It’s like… the perfect military green? Did y’all ever try to rock cammo cargo pants in junior high? No? Just me? …shit.


What In Carnation?; a carnation pink linear holo. This one is the three-coater, but the formula was still super smooth and easy to work with, and this baby pink is just divine. I’d imagine that shorter nails or those with the normal light VNL will be able to get away with just two coats! Also. That meme that went around, What in tarnation? Y’all. My friend, Derk, is the master of puns, and he lives just to send me stupid ass jokes. I’VE HEARD SO MANY VARIATIONS OF “WHAT IN…?”


What a Bluetiful Day; a cerulean linear holo polish. FRIGGGGGGGG DUDES. This is the perfect summery, swimming pool blue, right? I don’t know that I could pick a favorite from the collection, but if I were held at ransom and had to pick a favorite or forever lose out on mac and cheese in my life, I’d pick this one.


The Fuchsia’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades; a bright fuchsia linear holo. Okay. I lied. This may be a favorite, too. Or the olive. Looks like I’ll be forced to live the rest of my life without mac and cheese… /cry



Lime and Lime Again; a vibrant lime linear holo. Just look at it, y’all. LOOOOOOOK. I have no idea why, but it feels like such a lush and tropical shade. If it had a scent attached to it, it’d be coconut lime verbena. Just trust me.


I’ve Got a Nude Attitude; a nudey (hehe) taupe linear holo. Ah, yes. The most perfect SFW polish ever! This one pulled grey on me, but looking at other swatches, it must just be my skin tone. Either way, I friggen love this shade. It’d be perfect for a ton of nail art!


Coral Dilemma; a coral linear holo. I love that this one leans a bit more pink than orangy/peach, it makes it feel so much more universal for all skin tones. But this shade just screams spring and summer and I’m totally in love with it.


Turq-ish Delight;  a bright turquoise linear holo. Just. Yum. I feel like the more I talk about these, the more I sound like I’m just too stupid to come up with different words. So. Simple it is. YUMMY TURQUOISE BLUE TEAL SUMMER HOLO.


And now, the best part. I’m about to blow y’all’s minds. Trufax. These polishes will be available for $12 each starting this Friday, the 4th, at 7pm EST.

BUT. With code ULTRA, you can get half off your order OR just snag the full set of 9 for $50 with free US shipping using that code through the 11th. Not. Friggen. Bad. So, what’s on your shopping list?

All of ’em, right? I think they’re the perfect way to wrap up summer and welcome fall… even if we still have 50 days left in this sweaty season of sin.

Before I dip out, I’m going to leave you fine folks with some neato links.

I think it might be bed time for me, or time for Guild Wars 2. Maybe. We’re going to get up and go Pokemon GO-ing, so I should probably attempt to sleep soon. Bah. Sleep is SO overrated.

Thanks for stopping by, y’all!


***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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  1. Your swatches are beautiful! I keep seeing swatches of this collection elsewhere and they all showed the vnl. I 100% trust your swatches, so it’s nice to see that these are actually opaque.

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