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Happy Monday, friends! This weekend was a hot mess but oh so much fun. I had a few drinks at the house for my birthday before Mark had to work, and they were so good! This is the recipe in case you’d like to check it out! Once we got there, one of his friends stopped in to say hello and decided that we should go to the bar/restaurant on the other side of the street for my obligatory birthday fishbowl which, by the way, WAS AN ADIOS MOTHERF**KER. Y’all. Mistakes. Were. Made. I mean. I don’t think I drank too much, I know my limit AND it was super spread out, but come 8am, I was a mess and wound up getting super sick. We’re fairly confident that it was either a bug or food poisoning and my happy ass curled up in the bathtub for an hour and now my ribs hurt from getting sick. Neato. At least it waited until 8 hours into being 26, haha.

Now that I’m feeling a bit better, I wanted to share these 5 gorgeous polishes from Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer that are up for sale now!

I swear, Connie is always in her polish lab working on new things, and they never fail to impress. The five that I’m sharing tonight are from a small batch, so once they’re sold out, they’re gone for good. But, let’s not worry about that now. Time to see the pretties!

Sugar High ($11); a beautiful purple shimmer with a sprinkling of microglitters. Purple lovers, this is for you! I’ve got it on here in two thin coats and just. oh. my. gods. It’s gorgeous and glowy and absolute perfection.


Raisin’ Hell ($11); a gorgeous rum-raisin linear holographic polish that has a strong cranberry flame. This baby is a definite one-coat wonder, y’all. Legit. It’s a bit on the thicker side, but only in that it goes on in one smooth coat. It’s also totally awesome at self-leveling.


Light Ocean ($10.50); a light blue polish with subtle gold shimmer and various glitters. LO was a super pretty two-coat beauty, but the glitters added just a tiny bit of texture. Nothing crazy, and nothing to scare me away, either. I’m totally willing to bet that it’s because the base polish is on the thinner side. But isn’t it gorgeous? UNF. Two coats and top coat here!


Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend ($11); a beautiful black linear holo with a stunning blue flame that comes out in the right lighting. Dudes. Duuuuuuuuuuudes. LOOK AT THAT GLOW. I mean, the flame is a bit shy in my photos, but trust me. It’s there. I only needed two coats and then topped it with SV to maximum glossage.


Last but not least is Four Oh! v2.0 ($10.50), which is a delicious glitter bomb that’s the younger, calmer sister to Four Oh! from back in March. My photos show three thin coats, and I just love how they turned out! There weren’t any texture issues at all, but per my normal swatches, I topped it with Seche Vite. Isn’t it gorgeous?


And that’s it! Do y’all have a favorite? I know you guys know I’m a holo gal, but that purple is delicious and so is the blue… and the glitter. Shit. I LIKE THEM ALL DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE. (But you have to, just sayin’.)

Be sure to stop on over to Connie’s shop!


If y’all will excuse me, I’m going to head out, eat a yummy cheeseburger, and finish watching a few more episodes of Fringe (omgi’mobsessedwithitsendhelp). Thanks for stopping by!



***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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