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You guys. This was 102% supposed to go up last night. But did it? Helllll naw. I fell asleep at my desk watching episodes of Shark Week. Mistakes were made. Speaking of mistakes, oh lord. I just created my first resume so I could apply for an internal position (I’ll elaborate on all of that later, I’m not in the right mindset for that junk to go public just yet). I thought it looked okay, but some of the headers were a bit too light. The service that I used allowed me to import it into another format, so I did that, and then uploaded my resume for the application. I DID THE THING, AND I WAS PROUD.

I asked boyfriend to look over my resume, just for posterity, and he giggled as soon as he started reading it.


  • Attention to detail/

…apparently not nearly enough attention. Shitshitshit. I guess something happened during the import and I didn’t catch it. Luck for me, this is an internal position and I know the folks that are recruiting and all that jazz, but dang. I’m a little bit more than slightly embarrassed. It’s quite comical now that I think about it. You live and you learn, right?

IN OTHER NEWS, I’ve got two gorgeous polishes from Octopus Party Nail Lacquer to share with y’all that are available for preorder now!

Our amazing Octo-overlord, Dave, decided to start the preorder today in honor of my birthday tomorrow! …That was a total lie, but shhh. We’ll roll with it.

Before we get into the dates and times and all that, let’s look at these pretties, yes?

First up is Grimes, which is the first polish in his Holo of the Month Series.

Grimes is a Canadian born recording artist who writes, produces, mixes, and engineers the vast majority of her own songs. From shoegaze bedroom pop to darkly textured club beats her music is wholly representative of her personality and processes. A rarity in any genre, her independence and self-sufficiency has led to some of the most assured releases of the past decade. Her work is a thrilling pastiche of genres rooted in impeccable knowledge, craft, and at times, startling authenticity.

Essential Listening Playlist:

1. Vanessa
2. Genesis
3. Oblivion
4. California
5. Flesh Without Blood

I’m absolutely in love with this idea as a whole, because they’re all going to be inspired by women in music. Each holo of the month will be available for preorder for the last weekend of that respective month.

Grimes is described as a burgundy leaning purple linear holo with blue/purple/gold iridescent flakies and purple multichromatic flakies. With my hellacious VNL, I thought I’d need three coats, but nope. Just two! However, your mileage may vary. The polish goes on buttery smooth and the flakies are just delicious. They come out sparingly, but you don’t need to fish and they add just so much more oomf to the mix.


Next up is Logan! This was commissioned as a custom for Octosquad member Melissa, inspired by her tiny human of the same name! Dave describes Logan asĀ an obsidian linear holo with large blue flakies. Full disclosure, I had some issues with the flakies sinking because they were so large (not obscenely large, but also not mini). Dave’s formulas are so soft and fluid that the polishes glide on effortlessly, which allowed the flakies to settle in my bottle. I was able to get a few of the smaller pieces for my photos, and they’re beyond beautiful. This polish, you guys. Holy shitballs, it’s everything I ever needed in life. It’s this blackened grey and just glows, y’all. It effing glows. My photos show just two coats and top coat!


They’re both gorgeous, right?! I most definitely want to bathe in them. Do you have a favorite of the two?

These are both up for preorder now until July 30th at 12pm EST over at, so make sure you snag them!

And with that, I’m going to head out! Time to watch Fringe and figure out what I want to do for my nails for tomorrow. TOO MANY THINGS. Or maybe not enough. Whatever.

Thanks for stopping by, y’all!


***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above!***

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