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Happy Wednesday, my little nerdlings! I just woke up from a nap (yeah, it’s almost 1 am, judge me) after a day of Pokeraiding in the summer heat. I’m sunburned as hell, which means I’m gonna be crispy for my birthday this weekend, but I had so so so much fun! I love that they added the legendary birds into Pokemon GO, because boyfriend and I went around to 5 or 6 different gyms with 15+ people each time trying to take them down. He hasn’t caught anything yet, and I only caught one because RNGesus hates us, but it was honestly so much fun overall that I didn’t care.

I’m back with some amazingly gorgeous Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish lacquers that Kristen specifically created for the Indie Shop this weekend in San Francisco! (of course the one year it’s on my birthday AND back in my home state, I’m on the OTHER SIDE OF THE DAGGUM COUNTRY) But even more, the theme? THE THEME FOR THE SHOW IS MERMAIDS. This. Is. Not. A. Drill.

If you’re going and you snagged a VIP ticket, you’ll be getting this first one in the VIP bag! VIP Party on the Surface is “a white polish packed with blue, green, gold, red, AND purple sparkles.” It almost reminds me of glittery frosting, and I have no idea how to explain it any other way than that. It went on in three thin coats and leveled out beautifully! There’s this depth to it, and it’s super pretty. OH MY WORD IT’S LIKE WHITE CAPS ON THE SURFACE OF THE OCEAN I GET IT NOW.


Next up is Under the Sea, an event exclusive which will be $10. Kristen describes it as “a deep sea green to a soft ocean blue thermal shimmer with green and gold flash. It’s also packed with various purple, purple holo, blurple iridescent, and blue-green iridescent glitters.” That is an absolute mouthful. The polish, as it embodies the sea, is a bit sheer, so you seeing my VNL coming through at three thin coats is totally intended! I love it, it’s got so much going on that I initially didn’t even realize that it was a thermal – I honestly thought that I mucked up my application for a good 22 minutes. It definitely was not my brightest moment. Even though this one is completely loaded with glitters, it’s not textured once you add on top coat. Quite pleasing to my weird brain.


Next up are the two LEs, which will be available in the PCNP shop for preorder from 7/29-8-5. Both are $11 (plus shipping if you’re ordering it after the event).

Seashells for Sandals (Pink); “a muted shell pink shimmer packed with purple-teal-blue-green UCC flakies, red, purple, and blue mermaid sparkles, and rose, purple, and blue microflakies.” Y’all, this one is my favorite out of all four. The UCC flakies just add so so so much with the ballet pink base and I’m in full “I can’t even” mode. My photos show two coats plus top coat.


Seashells for Sandals (Nude); “a sandy nude shimmer packed with purple-teal-blue-green UCC flakies, gold, green, and blue mermaid sparkles, as well as green and blue microflakies.” So I want to first say that nude colors and my skin do not get along. They’re absolutely gorgeous, do not get me wrong, but my skin makes this one look a bit washed out, which it is not. You can see in the bottle how damn pretty it is, and I’m kinda really digging it on myself now that I’m going through the photos. Two coats and top coat here, too! Just look at that shimmer, y’all. Yummo!


And there y’all have it! Are any of you going to be at the Indie Shop this weekend in SanFran? If so, I require a bajillion photos for my birthday, just sayin’. I also expect to see hauls for days, please, please make it so!

Before I dip, I leave you fine folks with more linkage!


Okay, okay. I’m leaving. I’m going to go watch more Shark Week (like legit, thank you, Discovery, for the best birthday present EVER) and then get my butt to bed. Thanks for stopping by!


***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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