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Happy… Saturday? It doesn’t feel like a Saturday. It feels like… Tuesday? I have no idea. My schedule is super out of whack and I managed to work my way into a morning shift today. Mistakes have been made. Naps shall be taken to rectify this, however. But before that, I want to share another of Baroness X‘s Monthly Mythical Mysteries with y’all! This one is alllll the way from November 2017, so if y’all pitch a fit about spoilers, I’m totally going to send glittery gummy peens your way. Just sayin’.

Anywho, Baroness X. Monthly. Mythical. Mysteries. November. This one came with an awesome shower smoothie body conditioner…thingy. Wow, that was a mouthful. Moving on… I’ve currently got my bottle up in my bathroom cabinet and I love using it once a week. The scent is Midnight Pomegranate and it’s delicious. It’s fruity and seductive without being overwhelming. I really really hope that Demi brings this back! My dry skin absolutely adores this!

I’m going to pop in the insert for November’s MMM so y’all can get a sense of the background that the Baroness herself worked with to create this lacquer.


And now for the polish! I’m 89% sure that y’all can read these exact words above but just in case, here go.

Persephone is described as a “darkened blue holo with teal flakies and red microflakies”. It was a gorgeous two-coat formula and the polish itself absolutely glows. In my photos, you can’t quite see any of the flakies on my nails, but you can see them in the bottle. It takes the polish from your standard (albeit gorgeous) blue to something absolutely magical. Mythical, even.


Persephone sadly is no longer available, but there’s a chance that it might make a come back in the fall if Demi decides to open it up to a vote like she did last year. While we’re waiting for that to maybe happen as well as the next MMM (which is $16 plus shipping for a polish and some BX goodies), you should check out the new Ice & Fire collection which is a collab with A Mother of Dragon Eggs. Polished Lifting has an awesome review with GOOOORGEOUS photos that you can check out here!


So, whatcha think? Did you grab this when it was available?

And now it is naptime for me. Thanks for stopping by, my little nerdlings!


***The products mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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