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Hey loves! I’m back with a quick review and photos of a deliciously vampy jelly with glitter. Ain’t that a mouthful? I’ve got music going, a chocolate frosty in hand, and my comfiest pj dress… thing. I managed to get up at 730 this morning … Not sure how that happened, but it did, and laundry was done by noon. Had time to deep condition my hair with Overtone Vibrant Red while soaking before the most kick ass nap ever. Oh! I also made an awesome dinner in my new Instant Pot (thank you again, Anna – for both the IP and dress!) that the nerds all loved. I would totally call today a win.

Tee from Necessary Evil Polish is currently in the UK for a vacation with her tiny human, and I’ve been enjoying all of the photos she’s shared on facebook. She also sent me an awesome postcard which is now hanging up above my desk. She’s a pretty neato human, if I may say so myself!

Tonight, y’all get to see Pirate’s Curse from her Summer California Dreaming Collection – I can’t wait to see what else she’s got for this collex!

Pirate’s Curse ($10) is described as a “blood burgundy base with holo goodness, copper holo flakies and holo copper glitter coins of various sizes to represent a pirate’s booty.” Some of the larger glitters were difficult to get out, but she’s going to be tweaking the base so they don’t sink and stay down for the next batch. Even with that, though, the polish went on flawlessly. It was really opaque for a jelly, and only took two coats with my VNL. The color builds up beautifully with each coat, and the glitters weren’t problematic at all. Definitely reminiscent of gold and copper coins! My photos show the two coats plus top coat. Also super happy to report that there were no texture issues!


Definitely not your typical summer color, but I have a mighty mighty need for vampy colors all throughout the year, especially reds! This one is squishy and just plain delicious. We’re getting closer to fall (thank effing goodness, it’s too damn hot), so if vampy summers aren’t your thing, it’ll be perfect in the next few months!

Whatcha think of it?

Tee’s shop can be found here,, and don’t forget that Necessary Evil Polish is also on Facebook and starting out on Instagram, too!

Thanks for stopping by!


***The nail polish mentioned in this post was sent to me in exchange for an honest review and phtos, which can be found above.***


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