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Evening loves! Did y’all miss me? It was kinda super nice having a week off, but I definitely missed sharing stuff with you guys! We got back from Cedar Point eeeeearly Wednesday morning. We were aiming to be back by midnight on Tuesday BUT. Our friend that drove us up there, his car died on the way back, 21 miles from the Indiana state line. It was comical, really. We had to call Mark’s dad to come get the 5 of us, drive us to Indy, and then give us a car to get back home. It was a hot mess, and we were all exhausted on top of some hellacious sunburns and back pain after wooden rollercoasters, hah. It was really a lot of fun, though, and I only cried like three times on some of the scarier coasters and dealt with a little motion sickness. TOTALLY WORTH IT THOUGH.

For tonight’s late-night blogging session, I’ve got a gorgeous grey polish that’s from an awesome group box from le polish! This box is exclusively for members of the le polish lovelies group on Facebook, and is only limited to 35 (at this time), so you’re seriously going to want to join up and set some alarms. Ready to see it?


The box will be $25 (plus shipping) for those in the FB group and comes with a ton of goodies. I’ve got three of the five items to show off tonight!

Juno We’re Lovely is the name of the polish in this box, and oh my lord. I can ‘t even with how pretty it is! I may or may not have taken close to 70 photos of it total. Ooops. It’s inspired by this photo:

The polish, I would say, is a gray creme with blue and grey shimmer along with teeny tiny blue flakies. I’m terrible at describing things. Good thing I’ve got a ton of photos for y’all to see.

Legit though? This went on in ONE COAT. I went back for a second because I dipped my brush in without thinking and couldn’t stand the thought of uneven layers sooooooo, my photos show two. But honestly, it’s a perfect single-coater. It’s a little on the thick side because it’s super pigmented, but there were no issues with pooling or overworking it at all. I’ve worn this twice since swatching it. That’s how in love I am.


Just. Yum.

In addition to that, you’ll get an le polish shot glass, an le polish logo button, a cuticle balm AND an everything balm.

The cuticle balm that I have is absolutely wonderful. It’s in a cherry blossom scent, and while I tend to stay away from florals because migraines, this one is lovely. It’s soft and subtle, and doesn’t last too long on my skin. The balm itself soaks in quickly and is super hydrating without being greasy. I 100000000000% approve, my dudes.

The scent of the Everything Balm, holy shitballs. It’s incredible. It’s called Green & Clean and I have absolutely NO idea how to explain it. It’s almost floral, but not quite. Moreso just a fresh and clean scent. I need this in wax melt form and like 1200 bath bombs. Dear lord, if you like fresh and clean, you’re going to love it! I’ve also been using the balm for about two weeks now? And I really like it! With my blood sugar being about 87% wonky, I have weird dry patches in random spots and I’ve been using this on them. It soaks in quickly as well, but the scent lingers in the most wonderful way and it’s nice and moisturizing. I also like using it on my hands at night before bed!

The photo at the top of the post shows the two balms, but I’m going to go ahead and add it here without the text on top so y’all can see the sizes compared to the polish. Also, push up formula for balms? Sign me the eff up.


Hokay so I know you know that I know you know that this is super duper LE and just for the le polish fan group, but here’s the rest of the deets:

And now for the rest of the infos!

Mmmh, so whatcha think? I’m excited to share this in my grey polish group because I know that there are at least 140 of us that are way too in love with grey polish. If you are as well, you should stop on by!

I think I’m going to head out, maybe take a bath, and then curl up in bed! I greatly appreciate y’all stopping by!


***The products mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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