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Halleloo, we made it through a work week, my friends. All that is standing between me and freedom is a shift tomorrow night. And then you know what? I’m off until Thursday, hell. the. frig. yes. We’re going to Cedar Point in Ohio on Monday and I’m kinda jazzed. It’s a tiny break away from the house and my desk and I cannot wait. Now I just need to get my butt to the store for sunscreen and some capris (and maybe a fanny back because I mean really, who can actually carry a phone and glucose tabs while on a roller coaster? Don’t judge. You know it’s a good idea.) Until then, though, I’m going to continue to work on swatches and nail art and all the things because I feel as if I have a duty to share all that is good in the lacquered world with y’all.

This evening, I’ve got 4 of the shimmery metallic stamping shades from Moonflower Polish‘s La Isla del Encanto summer collection to share. I’m going to go ahead and include Nadia’s description of the collection because it’s pretty special, and you’ll understand the names of the polishes a bit more that way. There’s also a discount code for my readers at the end of the post, so keep reading!

For the summer release, I want to invite you all to take a trip down to the tropics and visit my home island of Puerto Rico. Isla del Encanto or Isle of Enchantment is a name commonly used to refer to Puerto Rico in reference to it’s natural beauty and it’s people. The 8 shimmery metallics in this collection are inspired by places or things that are important to me. For more about the colors and the inspiration behind the collection, check out my post here.


I think I’m even more excited for this collection because my boyfriend is Puerto Rican. He’s not big into the culture, and that’s totally okay, but I love having something that’s a part of his heritage tied in with my hobby.

Now. I’m not that great with stamping, and you’ll see that in some of my photos, but these are pretty easy to work with! I love that she’s got such a wide range of shades and that her polishes are meant for stamping beginners and veterans alike. To keep things simple, I’ll list the stampers and plates that I used at the bottom, but when you see the swatches, keep in mind that I used both clear and squishy stampers for each color without any problems! The formulas on these were a bit on the thicker side during my testing, but Nadia has tweaked the formula a bit for the launch today, so you guys won’t have any issues (not that I did, but. Y’know).

So let’s go!

Flor de Maga (Maga Flower); a “red metallic with gold/purple/pink color shifting shimmer and rose gold micro flakes. Known as the Puerto Rican Hibiscus, it is our national flower and not a hibiscus at all. It’s actually a completely different species.” 

Hi. This one, I think, is my favorite of the four that I tested. I tried it over both black and white (though you’re only going to see over white because I made a damn mess), and both bases completely transformed it. The metallic shimmer in this one is delicious, y’all. You’ll see in the second photo that I had some smearing, but that was totally on me. With stamping, I’ve found that I don’t have any smearing issues if I float my TC, but I moved a bit too quick and didn’t get enough on my brush. Ooops.


Cavernas del Rio Camuy​ (Camuy River Caverns); a “bronzy/brown with gold microflakes and gold shimmer. The Camuy River is a river on the north shore of the island, that has our largest and most complex cavern system. It’s a gorgeous place to visit, with guided tours down into one of the most accessible caverns and you can also go spelunking or diving for the most experienced visitors.”

The gold in this is so so so pretty! My swatch looks dingy, but I promise the color isn’t like that in person, I honestly think it was how thinly I scraped the polish and then placed it over my white base. But I mean, look at the gold. YUMMO. It reminds me of like a caramel apple pie kinda shade, and I thought it was perfect for a coffee bean mani. Also lollookleftoverorangefuck


Calles del Viejo San Juan ​(The Streets of Old San Juan); “metallic indigo with purple shimmer and indigo/purple/red color shifting micro flakes. While San Juan is the actual capital of PR, Old San Juan refers to the small island right on the bay (connected by a bridge to the mainland) where the Spanish built their 2nd settlement and eventually a city. (The 1st was farther inland, away from fresh water and in a swamp…not so great). The old colonial streets are covered in blue cobblestones that were originally brought in the Spanish ships as ballast. Time has aged and faded a lot of them, but some of them still retain their darker indigo color. I have spent a lot of time in Old SJ. I took art classes on one of the oldest art schools in the island inside a colonial era building for a few years, and it was our designated date spot before we had kids.” 

This one is another favorite. The way it thins for the stamp pulls so much shimmer, it’s incredible. I need to test this one by itself over black, I think it would be even prettier. It’s nice how opaque these are, because you don’t lose the original color at all when you stamp them. DO LIKE.


Atardecer en el Morro​ (Sunset in el Morro); “metallic orange with pink/purple/orange color shifting shimmer and gold micro flakes. El Morro is the short name for the Castillo de San Felipe del Morro, which is a 16th century citadel right on the entrance to San Juan Harbor. It sits on a large hill overlooking the bay on one side, and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. It’s one of my favorite spots on the island, during the day it’s a popular tourist spot and a great place to go kite flying.”

I am 120% here for a glorious metallic orange stamping polish, YAS. My stampswatch doesn’t do it justice because I fought with the plate (and I’m too stubborn to give up on stuff soooo) but you can see just how vibrant this one is. It’s friggen delicious and juicy.


And for the finisher? I HAD to test them all together over black! It came together like this beautiful fall scene. So good.


I’m definitely going to be grabbing the rest of the collection! They all stamp really well, work well with all stampers, and have NO issues with fine lines. What more could you possibly ask for in stamping polishes? Trufax.

Also! Nadia has graciously offered my readers a discount code (non-affiliate)! Be sure to use VELASHAA10 for 10% off any order! I think that means it’s time for a treat yo self Friday splurge. Just sayin’.

These are available now and are not under a preorder!  $70 for the full size set, or $9 each. $38 for a set of the minis, or $5 each.

And before I forget, the plates, bases, and stampers used:

  • Moonflower Polish Noche
  • Bluebird Lacquer Light Matter
  • Baroness X clear Magnifying stamper
  • Wistonia Marshmallow squishy stamper
  • Born Pretty BP-75
  • Bundle Monster Polynesia BM-XL108
  • Bundle Monster + Sloteazzy BM-XL210
  • Lina Nail Art Supplies Coffee, Tea, or Gonutz 01

So, whatcha think? Have you already placed an order?!

It may be bed time for me, I think. Or maybe WoW. Or both. Either way, thank you for stopping by!



***The stamping polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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