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Hey babes! As y’all can see, I did not boil to death last night. I mean, I came close, but I survived. My chubby ass was NOT meant for warm weather, ugh. But, such is life. My boyfriend’s momma and step dad are in town for a family funeral, so we took the day for family stuff and then went to dinner. Y’all. I had the most amazing tropical margarita, ever. Pineapple and orange juice and yum. Pair that with a delicious fillet? Oh HELL yes. Was good. But I know you fine folks aren’t here to listen to my daily shenanigans. Nope. It’s polish time!

Remember when I introduced you guys to Necessary Evil Polish a few weeks back? Well, Tee sent me a few more polishes from her debut collection, the Galactic Line, and I’ve had a week or two to play with them. Oh man, these are awesome, too!

SUPERNOVA ($10 for 15mL/$6 for 5mL); an eye-popping explosion of color that consists of rose gold, luminescence, holo flakies, green and gold UCC flakies and a bit of scattered holo to top it off. This was my absolute favorite of the three! It went on in two thin coats, and the holo was just gorgeous with it. The gold shimmer almost makes it look like a frosty shade, but I honestly don’t think it is. It’s super unique and unlike anything that I own. Also, that cute ring? Tee is adding one with every order for the month of June. I’m loving all of the skulls she’s using!


Cosmic Caroline ($10 for 15mL/$6 for 5mL); this one is named after one of Tee’s friends and is described as a red chrome that has been seduced by lavender shimmer and laced with copper holo as well has diamond flake holo. I love how she describes her polishes, you can tell there’s a huge amount of her personality in each. CC was almost good to go in one coat on me, but I needed just one more because I overworked the first coat on two fingers (not by fault of the polish, it was 100% my dumb ass). But the holo in this is absolutely beautiful, especially with it being copper. Yum!


Rick-Star ($10 for 15mL/$6 for 5mL); another polish named after a friend, and oh my sweet baby haysoos, it’s gorgeous! Tee describes it as a multi-shift chameleon that changes from red to copper to olive with scattered holo. It was on the thicker side, but it didn’t pool or pull or anything, and went on in one coat. The holo in this is delicious, truly. It just adds so much more to it. My photos show it moreso as a glowy burnt orange, but in person, I definitely was able to see the olive shifts!


Overall, I was definitely just as impressed and in love with these as I was with the first three that I tried out. The polishes all applied very well, settled super easily, and were all just glowing. I can’t wait to see what else she comes out with!

Do y’all have a favorite out of any of these? Let me know!

Necessary Evil Polish is also now on Facebook and starting out on Instagram, too!

I think I may go take a cold bath so I can freeze before melting in my sleep tonight. That sounds pretty nice, no? I’ll be back tomorrow with some more gorgeous polishes for y’all to drool over, so you’d best prepare yourselves. Thanks for stopping by!


***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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