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HEY YOU GUUUUUUUYS! I have spacey shifty goodness to share tonight! This is going to be super photo heavy, so we’re going to jump right into it, kay? Kay.

Demi, the Baroness herself, created a new collection inspired by Interstellar, and it’s absolutely incredible. The collection took took all sorts of cues from the movie, including the idea of shifting space-time, black holes, the 4th dimension and other small details. It’s neato, y’all.

These will be releasing tomorrow, June 17th at noon, PST. But I’ll explain more on that later!

Singularity ($14); a unicorn pee based pinky/purple jelly polish, it’s very sheer and is meant to be layered over any color, it’s close to OPI’s Movin’ Out. My photos show three coats with no undie. Mind you, the VNL on me is super dark, so it didn’t give me full opacity, but over normal nubbins, it’d be fine at 3. Though, it’s super pretty over ANY color! I also tested it as one coat over Pipe Dream Polish’s Purple Nerd, and holy shitballs, it’s just.. there’s no damn words for how fkn awesome it is. I’ll include those photos, too!


Gargantua ($11); a deep purple jelly scattered holo with copper metallic pigment. Oh my sweet baby haysoos, the copper in this is delicious. It adds just so much depth to it. It’s this inky, shimmery, magic in a tiny glass bottle. Demi did a wonderful job with it. My photos show only two coats and top coat, even with my dark VNL. Ugh, love. PS check out my grubby ass fingerprints on the bottle. Again, I am the sole reason as to why we cannot have nice things.


Paradox ($13); a teal to blue to indigo pegasus pee pigment in a clear base with pink to green shifting iridescent flakies and a touch of large particle holo pigment. Oh my god. I want to put this on EVERYTHING. To spare my bottle from having a wicked fill line, I opted to test it over one color, but I picked a teal that would accentuate the pegasus pee in it. My photos show just one coat over Pipe Dream Polish’s Tropic Thunder.


Tesseract ($12); a deep teal based multichrome that shifts from bright green, to teal, to blue to a deep (almost purple) indigo blue with a scatter of holo flakies and holo pigment. Y’all. I want to swim in this. It’s perfect for summer! It was damn near opaque in one coat, but I went back with a second just to build up opacity.


Ghost of a Space Cowboy; this is the LE multichrome, only available with the full size set. It is a darker grey based multichrome holo with iridescent pink to green flakies, the multichrome starts off at teal, goes to purple, pink to gold and finally green on the far end. The flakies in this bad boy were hiding when it came to photos, but in person, holy frig. When they shift to that pale pink, yum. It’s very ethereal, and fits beautifully with the collection. I only needed two coats, which was surprising for me. With some multichromes, you need 3 or more coats to catch the shift, but that wasn’t the case with this one!


Event Horizon ($13); black jelly with gold to green to blue pegasus pee, metallic gold flakies and 2 kinds of green and blue shifting iridescent flakies. This one is reminiscent of Obsidian, a previous X Army custom, but not quite the same. The flakies in this make me think of the night sky, almost like stars against the Northern Lights? Does that make sense? No? Okay, I tried. I needed three coats for my nails with the length of them, but I feel like most would be totally fine with two.
And that’s the full collection! They’ll go up for preorder tomorrow, June 17th at 12p PST. Demi will be on vacation from the 19th to the 30th, so orders will officially start shipping on the 1st of July. She’s got enough to get a few orders fulfilled before she leaves, however.
Now. I don’t know if y’all caught it above, but Ghost of a Space Cowboy is the LE within the collection. This means that it is not available outside of the collection. You can grab all six for $65 (limited to 40 sets) in full size over at You can also get the minis, without GoaSC, for $35 (that’s limited to 10 sets).
Be sure to check out the X Army for swatch photos and sass and maybe some giveaways sometimes. Maybe.
Do you have a favorite? ARE YOUR ALARMS SET?
My dumbass works at like 8am tomorrow (cue internal pterodactyl screech), so I’m going to head to bed and try not to miss my 13 alarms. I hope y’all have a wonderful night. Thanks for stopping by!
***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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