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Happy Tuesday! Well, I think it’s Tuesday. Shit, at this point, it’s almost Wednesday. Probably. I worked a partial shift and then napped and now I’m pretty sure it’s 2019. So now I’m watching the Night Shift (y’all, I’m obsessed, send help) and waiting for the boyfriend to get back from a work trip, so let’s take a look at some pretties from Nailed It! Nail Polish!

I had the chance to work with the ever-lovely Tia last year, and I’m beyond jazzed that she reached out to me again for this new collection. She’s a doll, and makes some fantastic nail polish along with some great bath and body products. Speaking of, I need to order some more of those soon. Her cuticle balm is awesome. Actual trufax.

Anywho, her new collection, Tropic Like It’s Hot, launched just last week, and that’s what I want to share with y’all this evening. I’ve been playing with them nonstop. They’re the perfect way to start the summer off!

Resting Beach Face; a sparkly pink, gold glitters, and a sprinkle of holo make for a beach-perfect polish! Tia was a tiny bit worried about this one because the base on hers went a little wonky. I’m happy to report that I had no issues whatsoever with mine. It went on perfectly smooth in two thin coats and the glitters settled wonderfully even before I added top coat.


Sun’s Out, Buns Out; a mango color and golden shift, it reminds [me] of a beautiful, hawaiian sunset. Gold Flakies, pink sparks, and a holo shimmer beautifully round out this summer polish. I live in buns. My hair hasn’t been cut since I left Georgia and it’s a hot mess and with the heat getting worse? Y’all. I’m dying. Anywho. The higher the hair, the closer to Jesus. Halleloo, right? Yeah. Sure. We’re going to pretend that didn’t happen. This polish, however, did, and it’s cute as hell. I’m loving this peachy mango shade! Two buttery smooth coats and then sealed with top coat and yeah, it’s alllllll gravy.


Mermaid Hair, Don’t Care; a sheer purple with a soft pink shift. It’s got purple sparks and a touch of pink flakies. This polish is perfect for all mermaids! I would like to introduce y’all to my favorite from this quad of beachy beauties. This purple is such an ethereal shade, it’s glowy as all get out. My photos show two coats and top coat here as well!


Seas The Day; a true island escape! A beautiful blue/green polish with a golden shift and blue holographic glitters. Look at this teal beauty! This one is Kaylyna’s favorite – anything and everything teal, she’s game for. I have to admit, I’m loving this one too! the slight golden shift makes me think of an ocean sunset. I miss the beaches at St. George Island something fierce, and this helps ease that just a bit. I’m sure y’all are sick of me saying this by now, but as usual, two smooth coats and top coat for these photos.


As mentioned above, these are available now! You can snag the set for $30.00 or the polishes individually $8.50 over at her shop at This collection is amazing, you guys. Truly. The formula on all of these is spot on, and I look forward to getting my hands on more of Tia’s creations!


I’m going to go back to watching this show that makes me ugly cry as I eat entirely too much popcorn and wait for my cute ass boyfriend to get back home. Oooh, maybe a tub journey will happn! Maybe some wine? Oh, oh yeah. I’m game. Thanks for stopping by!


***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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