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Hey loves! I’m super backlogged on swatching, so this is going to be quick, but you’re going to love all of it, I promise. Ella Ann Cosmetics, one of my favorite stockists, has decided to close her doors and step back from the polish world. Kristen has done a wonderful job over the last 3 or so years, and I sincerely hope that she has a blast with whatever her next venture is!

As a send off, of sorts, Dave, the octo-overlord from Octopus Party Nail Lacquer, has created a 5 piece tropical collection as a final collab with EAC, and that’s what I’m here to show you tonight! These are 5 tropical jellies with soft holo. They’ll be going up for preorder on June 9th at 9pm EST, so make sure to set your alarms!

Before I get fully into the photos, just so I’m not a broken record, each of these (aside from She Sells Seychelles) were swatched over white. It’s not necessary by any means, but we wanted to see how the colors looked over white since they’ve got a jelly formula. I love how they all turned out!

Bahama Hammock; a vibrant yellow jelly with soft holo. Oh my word. Okay, so the name of this one breaks my brain. Because banana hammock – but Bahama is pronounced COMPLETELY differently. So, your homework is to say Bahama the same way you’d pronounce banana. I’m too much of a potato to not muck it up each and every time and it’s glorious. Anywho. Two coats plus top coat, and it’s just so pretty. I love that these all have just the perfect amount of holo!


Hawaii Five Beaux; a gorgeous fruity orange jelly with holo. This is the perfect citrusy orange, trufax. It’s not too bright, not dull, and absolutely lovely for summer. My swatch shows two coats plus top coat! I need to do a jelly sammich mani with this one, I think I have a stamp with oranges on it… I think. Guess we’ll see!


Baliwood; a peachy coral jelly with soft holo and pink undertones. I think that’s how you’d word it. Sounds about right. Over a white base, the pink comes through like an absolute rockstar! Two coats here as well, y’all! I never thought I’d be digging coral shades as much as I am right now, but here we are, folks. Here. We. Are.


She Sells Seychelles; a dusty pink jelly with soft holo. This one is a bit more opaque, so I decided to swatch it over my normal clear base and I love how it looks. My photos show two coats. When I was a child, my grandmother had themed rooms in her house. The grandkids (all 5 of us) would pile into one big queen bed in the Queen Room. It felt so regal and homey at the same time, it was my favorite. She had a vanity with roses and I loved sitting in front of it to brush my hair. Anywho. This pink that Dave created reminds me so much of that room, and it brings me such joy.


Bora The Explorer; a hot pink jelly with soft holo. Be still, my heart. This one. Holy shitballs, I’m in love. This is the color of the neon pink crayon that I hoarded as a child. It’s phenomenal. This one only took two coats over white for it to be super vibrant but I, being the idiot that I am, went back for a third coat without even thinking. But I mean. Come on. Look how effing bright it is. It’s just soooooo good!


Once I get through my swatchfest, I’ll be arting with these, so be sure to keep an eye out! They’re seriously perfect for gradients and alllllll sorts of themed manis. If you snag them, y’all had best tag me in any art, just sayin’.

Do you have a favorite? Do you have your alarms set? Did you wash behind your ears? Good. Remember, Friday, June 9th at 9pm EST for preorder over at You can also check out the Ella Ann Aficionados group on facebook for updates as well as the Octosquad for OPNL-themed fantastical oddities.


Y’know. I sat down, and told myself I’d write this out in 30 minutes and be good to go. But nope. I sat here, sending stupid memes and gifs to my boyfriend and learning that they found living sharks in an active volcano. This is my life now. I’m going to go pretend that it’s not nearly 1am and see what else I can knock out tonight. Thanks for stopping by, loves!



***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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