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You guys. I worked a morning shift and I didn’t cry. I did the thing. I did, however, take a nap after stuffing my face full of triscuits and lemonade. Adulting at its finest, right? In other news, I found another creepy thing to watch online. Apparently, this last Fall, Fox aired a series called The Exorcist, and I have just discovered it. My creepy little heart is happy, y’all. I’ve been watching it nonstop all day. While watching, I also had the chance to swatch some pretties, so today is like a total win.

For June’s Polish Pickup, Dave from Octopus Party Nail Lacquer created a GORGEOUS cobalt jelly that I’m excited to share with you guys tonight!

Dave drew his inspiration straight from fancy sea-themed science, and named the polish Luciferin. Luciferin (I’ve been writing this for about twenty minutes now and my brain keeps bringing me back to the fact that I used the word back to back. Ooops.) is the name for the compound that is found in sea creatures that generate their own light, or bioluminescence.

My swatches show three thin coats and oh my, it’s straight up like the ocean, complete with glitters that shine like those little night light water-dwellers! Because it’s a jelly, there’s going to be a bit of VNL, but honestly, I love how sheer this one is. It builds up beautifully and deepens in color with each coat. The glitters were a bit sporadic, but I like it – honestly makes me think of photos of the deep, dark ocean with sea life sprinkled throughout. Totally gives me the heebie jeebies, but it’s a nice image, yeah?


Eff, dude. Isn’t it beautiful? It’ll be available for preorder this weekend, June 2nd through the 5th for $11 (plus shipping, which is a flat $3!) through the Polish Pickup website!

For more photos and links on what’s releasing for preorder on Friday, you’re going to want to check out the Polish Pickup Pack on FB.

While you’re there, you should also totally check out the Octosquad on Facebook as well as Dave’s neato shop, there’s lots of good times and pretties to be had!

I’m going to head on out and continue being a creeper watching my weird tv shows, eating triscuits, and drinking my lemonade. Though, we’ve upgraded. I’ve now got sweet tea and pink lemonade. That’s that fancy Arnold Palmer shit, yo. Anywho. I hope y’all have a good one and as always, thanks for stopping by!


***The nail polish mentioned in this post was sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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