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Happy Monday, folks! I have recently been informed that it is Memorial Day, and I hope that everyone is having a lovely day resting and taking the time to remember our fallen military folks. I’m scheduled to work today, but that’s totally fine with me. Overtime and the ability to be lazy in my favorite pajama pants along with a very yummy coffee-scented wax melting in my warmer. All in all, not bad!

For this evening’s rambly blog post, I’ve got a new-to-me brand to share with y’all, and I’m super excited. Tee M. from Necessary Evil Polish sent me some of the polishes that she’s got in her shop on Etsy. Her brand is Necessary Evil Polish, and oh man. These are fantastic. I love the idea behind the brand, too. Tee’s motto is that nail polish and lacquer are an accessory that every gal needs, and our quest to own all of the colors becomes an evil obsession (I SO can confirm!), hence the name, Necessary Evil Polish. I love it! And there are cute little skulls on the bottles. Makes my dark little weirdo heart happy. Let’s get into it, yeah? Yeah!

First up is Midnight Constellation; a dark blue with light holo, subtle gold shimmer, and a smattering of bronze flakies. This one had a tiny bit of settling of the gold shimmer, but I had zero applications whatsoever. For my photos, I used two thin coats, and it went on so perfectly. While I was editing, I realized that I have slight VNL showing, but that’s totally with my lights. It wasn’t like that in person under normal lighting at all. This blue, though, oh my word. It’s gorgeous, especially with the bronze flakies. I also added a little stamping using Moonflower Polish Dia, my squishy stamper from Baroness X, and Bundle Monster’s BM-XL213 plate.


Venus; a vibrant shimmery pink with pearl. Looking at this in the bottle, in all honesty, I was worried it’d be a bit plain, but nope. It’s bright as hell and the shimmer in it is absolutely gorgeous. I also had NO issues with streaking, as we’ve seen some shimmer polishes. It was almost a one-coat wonder, but I went back and added a second out of habit before topping it with my Seche Vite. I went back and tried to stamp a planet on (Venus, of course!), but it kinda failed but I arted and y’all are gonna see it whether I like it or not. In addition to the products I used for Midnight Constellation, I also used Painted Polish Stamped in Brick.


Red Dwarf; a red to white thermal with scattered holo glitters and flakies. Y’all. This one transitioned so damn fast that I didn’t have time to get it in the cool state fully on my nails (I have hot flashes, and am not able to cool down so uh, I’m a hot damn mess). However, the warm state is gorgeous. Shit, the cold one is too! You can see it in the bottle. It went on super smooth and had no texture with two coats. I love the warm color, it’s almost this sandy nude, that almost gives me holotastic mannequin hands. I totally dig it.


Overall, I absolutely love these polishes. They’ve got formulas that you’d expect from big-name indies, and the colors that Tee has created so far are just plain stunning. I can’t wait to see what Necessary Evil Polish has in store for us in the future!

She’s got these three polishes listed in her Etsy shop now, you’re gonna want to snag them!

Thanks y’all for stopping by! It’s gonna be another big blog week, so keep an eye out. :D



***The nail polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***

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