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Happy Friday, folks! I’m back with some awesome mainstream neons that are PERFECT for summer! Through, I had the chance to work with Morgan Taylor for their Selfie Summer 2017 Collection and oh man, I’m in love. There’s cremes, shimmers, tiny flakies. Just, everything one could possibly want for summery shades! This is going to be photo-heavy, so I’m just going to get right to it, yeah?

There are six gorgeous shades that you can get in either duos or individually, as well as a top coat and base coat that transform the polishes into an almost gel-like formula without any lamp! They also sent me a cute selfie stick to capture all of my adventures out in the world, but if we’re being honest, I work from home and I don’t leave my house often so it’s not going to get a lot of use unless we go on vacation. It’s cute as hell, though. I’ll probably harass the boyfriend for photos with it.


Woke up this Way; a neon fuchsia creme. This one took just two coats, and went on nice and smooth. It’s simply beautiful, truly.


No Filter Needed; a neon sky blue creme. Oh my sweet baby jesus, I love this one. The formula was a tad bit streaky, but leveled out with the third coat. H e l l o s u m m e r! I used their base and top coat for all of these swatches, and just look how shiny they all are!


Best Face Forward; a blurple neon with tiny shimmery flakies. My camera naturally pulled more blue on this one, but it’s gorgeous either way. It was a two coater, and the formula was super smooth, despite the shredded shimmery flakie thingies.


Pretty as a Pink-ture; a fantastic neon barbie pink. It’s this fabulous bubblegum shade and it’s everything any pink lover could ever want. Seriously. I needed three coats, but it went on buttery smooth.


Me, Myself-ie, and I; a shimmery neon coral. The shimmer in this pulls silver, and it’s lovely. It brightens it up quite a bit (I mean, as bright as it can get in a neon coral base). This one took two coats and top coat and BAM! Summer on yo nails. I feel like this makes me look so much tan than I am, but that’s probably all in my head, hah.


All About the Pout; a peachy pink nude. This one was surprisingly opaque. I was worried that it’d take several coats with my VNL, but it went on in just two. It’s such a delicate color, I think it’d be perfect for a bridal mani!



And there we have it! You can find them on Morgan Taylor’s website here. They can be purchased for $9 each or as a duo for $18 through Morgan Taylor’s website. It looks like Ulta has an online only special for four minis, as well!

So, whatcha think? Do you have a favorite?

I’m gonna head off to bed, maybe have a little tub journey before sleep since I work early tomorrow (9:30am, wtf was I thinking?!). I hope you fine folks have a lovely Friday night! Thanks for stopping by <3



***These nail polishes were sent to me free of charge by and Morgan Taylor in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***



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